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RE: The Most Boring Form Of Crypto Investing

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To buy and hold because of the trust you have for the system is surely the best option.

I do love reading books too but I have been slacking during this lockdown. Just got through a book by Dale Carnegie (how to win friends and influence people).

That's the only one I have been able to read during this lockdown.

I'll like to get a pdf of that book too, if possible, so as to gain more knowledge. I'll look it up if I can find one online

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Great book. I loved reading that books years ago. Such timely and important messages on how to live life and do business!

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Yes it is a great book.

It's like reprogramming your approach about life. It's a must for everyone to read at least once in a lifetime

I'm reading it all over again so I can digest more information perfectly.

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