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RE: UNI hits $22.61, is this the end or just the beginning?

in LeoFinance3 months ago (edited)

You do know that if you continue these 200 word, 0 effort posts and they continue to trend, it wont just be me pissing on your parade? Folks will catch up on the circular jerkiness.

I know you have to repay the investment from Blocktrades delegation but this aint the way.
I mean i support it... it goes to proving my point that youre a little more than a leech concerned only with your own short term profit. Still, it would be better if you just quit it.


Exactly who am I circle jerking with?

Buildawhale blocktrades purchased delegation and the list of orcas voting your junk. And it is junk.

"UNI go 20$ it is gud"


Youre getting cocky. Back into your Steem state of mind.
I mean, keep at it. Farm those autovotes. See how far that takes you.