Hive can rise again!

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Hive can rise again!

Are we in the right way??? Hive price is going down to dust. Before the HF, it was around 1300 satoshi in $0.15, now the price is gone down to 894 satoshis in $0.10-0.11. Is this pointing at something?? I know many people have many questions about the current situation and have some doubts about what will happen next?

This started when the first HF date was announced, then the HF postponed due to some issues. Then again the new date was fixed but that also delayed. After changing the date 2-3 times, finally, the HF is executed. Usually, after any HF blockchain needs 3-4 days or maybe a week to settle down everything. But this time, that didn't happen. The HF is executed on 14th September, today is 31st September, almost 2 weeks past, but still, we are facing some issues.

My question is, that is the only reason hive prices are going down?? For this, we have to go farther back. When we started our journey with the Hive at that time, the price was around $0.10-12. But the price is going up slowly. Then it took a huge jump. That time the price went up to the mark of $1. That time the hype of Hive was into the moon. Everyone was saying they should have staked some time.

Then it started again falling down. At last, it came to $0.25-0.26. It was there quite a while. Again, the question is, why is this happening?? Why is there stability? That's means we are not producing enough value for the blockchain?? Aren't there enough projects to support the blockchain to gain stability?? I think all these questions pop up not only in my mind but also in others' minds.

Let me come to points, what do we usually do when we earn some Hive tokens?? Most of us go to the exchange and invest them in a more stable currency like Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. Some people sold them as they wanted to have some cash. I also do that sometimes, but my point is, that's how we are decreasing the value of the Hive.

Now, what should we do to save this platform?? Let me tell you this is all my personal opinion; I think this is the right time to change our thinking about the Hive. There are not enough quality content on Hive. Most of the staked holder VP never goes down to below 70, I think. As there are not enough quality content, they vote on low-quality posts. So, we should write more quality content. Look at Leofinance; it's one of the best projects on Hive. The value of Leo is greater than Hive. It's also showing we aren't on the right path.

We shouldn't use hives as a printing machine for other coins. We earned this coin producing something valuable of our own, so why do we decrease us' value? We should start marketing Hive more & more to reach more people; that's how we can add more value to Hive. Also, witnesses have some significant responsibility up ahead. They should come up with a marketing policy. We should also start promoting Hive on other platforms. That's all I can say for now.

Thanks for reading and getting here, see you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me.

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Hive is not far from bottom and the main reason for its poor price performance is bad marketing. We don't know how to sell this product. There will always be selling pressure no matter the times, and it's not just minnows and plankton that does that, large accounts do it as well. The problem is that we can't attract new wealthy investors.

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Exactly, If we don't have any good products, then who will buy them? Marketing very important in this case. If there are no investors then it will fall down sooner or later.