Being a Numismatist /not being a Numismatist!

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This morning when I was re-organizing my room, suddenly I found a small box with lots of coins. I have been collecting all these coins for a long time. Literally, I forgot about them. I started collecting them when I was 16. That time I had only 5 coins. The interest in collecting coins came to mind from one of my school friends; at that time, he had a collection of 100 coins from different regions. When my friend showed me his coin collection, I got inspired & started collecting my own.

When I started collecting coins, I found out my uncle used to collect coins a long time ago. So I asked him if he was still collecting them or not. He told me that he had collected 60-70 coins & all of them from the 60-70s. But he stopped collecting coins & he lost most of them. I felt bad for him & also for me. When I was about to leave his room, he told me to wait for a while; then he left the room. When he came back I saw a small pouch in his hand, he gave it to me & told me here are some coins for you; I hope you will have your own collection soon. I thanked him & went back home.

When I opened that pouch, I found 10 coins. That time, I was determined to keep collecting more coins. That's how I started my journey being a coin collector. I am glad that I found the box. The last time when I searched for it, I couldn't find the box. All these memories came alive when I found the coin box. This happened many times with me when I looked for something ending up finding something else.

I collected 87 coins from different countries until now. But I lost many of them when I shifted things from our old house to a new house, some of them taken by others as they promised to give them back but they never did that. I have only 51 coins in my collection. Let's talk about them.

The first coin you can see in this picture is the biggest of course in size which I have, this one is American half dollar that means $0.50 & this one from 1985. The second one is a tossing coin, but there is an erotic figure on it. I loved the design, so I kept it.

You all know the face of that guy; yes, that is Abraham Lincon, this is a Lincon one cent & this one belongs to 1974. The second coin you see it's an Italian 100 lier & this one from 1959.

The first coin you see it's France 20 centimes, which is from 1963. I have this coin for a long time. You can see the second coin in the picture of a threepenny Bit / three Pence 3p Coin from Great Britain. And this one is from 1967.

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