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RE: With this Hive pump, I just got 100K (or > 1 million) DEC richer.

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I also sold the decs when they were around 0.006 but when compared to today's dec value I did more than well :)
Very interesting your considerations, I am not very practical on arbitrage and trading and that is why your considerations and calculations are very useful to me to better understand some mechanisms.
Whatever will be your decision on the purchase or not of the track you have made a profit and therefore congratulations.

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I am going to keep reserve of 2 million DEC. If you see the Land sale , you will see it is not moving at all.
I guess once land is just going to live, SL team will again give some kind of promotion like 10% discount or raffle tickets , Buying the land will make sense at time and again sell the surplus DEC.

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