Hive Token Tribes Worth Investing

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Dear Hive users, this time I would like to share my observation about token tribes. Token tribes are token that are issued by side chain or Hive. The tokens are based community interest. There are tens of tokens are listed in Hive-engine marketplace. I think you need to research all the token when you want to invest in them. Here are some lists may help you to make research and decide what token you want to invest. The lists are not about number from the best to the worst. I just list, the decision is yours what number 1 token.


LeoFinance is an online community centered around the topics of finance and crypto.

Leo developer team is one of the most active developers of Hive side chain. You can visit the MVP of leo,, leodex, leopedia, hivestats and leoshop.

The price of leo token is growing. Now is on 0.2 hive. The daily volume of trading is also high about 500 USD daily.
You can buy leo token in hive-engine or join blogging platform to ean leo at


This is a general community. You can post about gaming, cryptocurrency, and other topics in
Total tokens 29,476,354.39 Circulating (97.29%) 28,677,776.71 Burn (2.71%) 798,577.68
Staking (93.80%) 26,899,529.88
You can earn neoxag token to post via or use tag neoxian in hive post.

  • CTP

clicktrackprofit is an affiliate marketing based community. You can earn by posting in or join affiliate marketing to earn more income.
You can sign up here
You will earn CTP token when you post via or use tag ctp in hive.


Lotus is community that interests in natural medicines. You can join the platform at
You will earn lotus token when you post with tag naturalmedicine or post via the platform.



Foodie token is reward token from food community. You can post about food, cooking, recipes and all about food. You can earn foodie token to post via the app or tag foodie.

  • PAL

PAL token is issued by palnet app. It is supported by @minnowsupport . You can by PAL token in Hive-engine to power up. You can use tag palnet to earn pal coin in hive post.

  • AFIT

Earn Afit token to use Afit apps in your android and appstore. This developers do active marketing. The price of Afit token is quiet high in hive-engine. You can join the platform here Join Actifit

  • APPIC is still in steem chain

I apologize for being mistaken listing appic.


You will earn appic token to use the apps in playstore and appstore. This an instagram like on hive chain. This app developped by profesional team.

  • Splinterland

It is collectable card game on hive chain. I am not the player of the game. I think you'd better check the website.

  • SIM

Welcome to dCITY. Here you can build your own city on the Hive platform and be the master of your own kingdom.

This a builder game. I am sorry not to give much comment because I am not a game player. You'd better go to the website now


Those lists are not all tokens and tribes based on hive chain. I just list some tribes and tokens that are fimiliar with me. I think there will be valueable development in the future based on the hive chain because developers can apply the proposal for their projects. OK thanks for reading hope this post will benefit for you, Don't forget to upvote, repost and follow @lebah because I will be glad to follow you back.

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Is Appics on HIVE Now ???

Need to check what exactly implemented, What I last heard Appics is now on both chain.

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Appic is still in steem

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Yes, you are right Appic is still in steem

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they may move to telos but shhhhh just a wild guess i heard over the horn

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These are all good community tokens and also the new kid on the blockchain Hive Husters is looking pretty promising.

can you put the link!

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These are the links to the community, I don't know if they have a condenser on the blockchain but they do have tokens and miners.
And they also are the owners of

hah they have a GREAT website and im going to be using websites like that for @telokanda token sale site comin up soon with @ratzen and we may even sell a package to peopel ina nd OUTSIDE hive/steem, we will help peopel find thsoe who have cash a lot of ita nd wanna START their own crypto, but have NO idea how, and we do ALL teh work, AND creat eteh site and they just pump it and we sell this as a package to people, educate all investor son hive that ist a white label project,a nd we could get a LOT of rich peopel in here supporting EVERYTHING just to get everyone to support HIS project and then use steem / hive engien as a BUSINESS lol

its bound to happen

also you forgot Telokanda! they DO have a nitrous AND Telos EOSIO peg, ALCOR listing, liquidityt pools, discord bots, @tipcc Listing for thousands of discords, ;)

AND you forgot the Telos EOSIO Infowars Token ! or for Infowars Nitrous Condensor, and you can withdraw THOSE to Telos INFOWARS, sell that for Telos or eos, and we can get worker proposal system payments from telos, and support the project with the 24/7 live stream i wanted, using STREAMLABS which TAKES tipcc tokens now which we can add infowars to (we added kanda to) and we can use it free oon tipit with twitch.... but streaming is teh answer etc we can have a MASSIVE 24/7 STREAMING platform for infowars dapp, and then, THAT project alone will be worth so much, @underground is also invested with me on infowars, its got a POPULAR name already, we just have to get behind it and promote that name and use it a a decentralized free speech censorship resistance blockchain dapp! a mobiel app liek appics could even be in order!

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Nice, I'm curious to see how Hive's newest tribe does "Kanda"... looks interesting...

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I have never heard about that

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Never heard of foodiesunite, will have to check it out, thanks.

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I have invested in foodie the price of token still low

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