Failed To Witdraw From Bukopin Bank Report To Police - THE FAILURE OF BANKING

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Bukopin bank is a private bank in Indonesia. The bank has failed to give the depositor fund to withdraw. Didik Setiawan is a boss or Steel Manufacture. He deposited to Bukopin bank about 75b billion IDR or 5 Million USD. He failed to withdraw his money from the bank.

“Saya sudah berkali kali gagal menarik dana deposito yang tersimpan di Bank Bukopin Sidoarjo. Janjinya hari ini tanggal 22 Juni 2020, namun kenyataannya janji tinggal janji dan tidak ada realisasinya. Kesabaran saya suda habis dan akan dilaporkan ke Polresta masalah ini,” jelas Didik Setiawan dengan berapi-api.

" I have witdrawn many times my deposit in Bukopin Sidoarjo. The bank promised to pay out on June 22, 2020 but they broke the promise. There is no realization. I have lost my patient and want to report the problem to police officer. " Explained Didik Setiawan.


This is a case of banking failure to serve their customers. Is banking the best economic instrument now days? I think banking industries should shift to new technology to adapt with current financial system. Old deposit model in bank is too risky.


Cryptocurrency will answer the failure of banking failure to secure depositors. The biggest problem is that people still are not familiar with cryptocurrency, wallet, private key, power delagation, and many terms about cryptocurrency. The worst thing is that cryptocurrency scams have given negative image to cryptocurrency itself.


I think developers should give education to mass about cryptocurrency so people will get correct information from the trusted source. Recently, people will only get cryptocurrency knowledge from news, fake promotion projects and rumors. They don't really know about the benefit of blockchain technology.

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