The weekly LBI Contest

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Here we are again with:

The weekly LBI contest!

The first week of the contest is over, and there were many entries to the first contest. For which our thanks to you all for the enthusiasm with which the contest was received. And as we have all seen, Nexo has had an exciting week with considerable price differences.

We have a winner

But there has been someone who had a pretty good foresight ... and while it wasn't good enough to win herself $5,- on Nexo,

@badbitch was closest to the price that Nexo had on Friday 25, 12 noon, with her guess of $0.58721.

1 Nexo was worth $0.585 at the time as the screenshot below shows.


On behalf of @lbi-token, I hereby congratulate @badbitch on winning her selected chest containing 5 LBI. The 5 LBI will come your way as soon as possible!

And then of course this week's contest!

Ah, of course you already knew? Yup… we're going to guess the price of Bitcoin!

Submissions again in response to this post here. Your answer will be entered if it is given BEFORE Thursday, December 31, 2020, 6:00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

What is 1 Bitcoin worth on Friday 1 January 2021, 12.00h CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME?

Of course, everyone is already following the price of Bitcoin these days, because we all hope from the bottom of our hearts that this ralley will continue. Or are you hoping for a dip to be able to buy more quickly?

Everyone will have his / her reasons for following Bitcoin, but then there is one more reason to follow that price. And if you are now a very good predictor who can predict exactly what this price will be on Friday, January 1, 2021, 12:00 AM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME. Then… yes then you can see $5,- worth of Bitcoin coming your way.

But like every week there is always a winner ... Because this week we have again filled 3 chests with prizes from which you can choose.

  • Chest 1… 5 HIVE
  • Chest 2… 2 SPI
  • Chest 3… 5 LBI

I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to making someone happy again next week! Don't forget to mention which of the chests you would like to receive as your price!


A little reminder ... Tomorrow's post will be from @taskmaster4450le, and on Thursday, @silverstackeruk will post the GOVERNANCE POST here. So keep an eye on that.

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What is 1 Bitcoin worth on Friday 1 January 2021, 12.00h CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME?

On which market? :P

Chest 3

Lol ... COINMARKETCAP is the one I will keep for this.

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sometimes the difference between top markets can be over 50$ so thanks for clarification. Please consider adding this disclaimer in future contests ;)

$26750 chest 2

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28498 USD
chest 2 :)

$26125 and I pick chest 2

I will go with 27550 $ :)

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Well i choose chest 2 :)

22 600 $

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26 666 $
And Chest 2 :)


Congrats to the winner, to bad it's not me :) Maybe next time.
Ok, so for the next one my guess is $27369. And I'd like chest no. 2 please.

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$26503 and I choose the chest 2 ^^

Thanks for your efforts team 😌

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30,117.73$ because PUMP IT!

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hmm let's say 28745

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33333 and chest 2 :)

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$28,427.93 Chest 3. Thanks for sponsoring this. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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28,145 Chest no 3

Let’s go with 27915 for the ending price!

I’ll pick chest 2 since I don’t have SPI anymore lol

Chest 2 and let's go with $25,650

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$25,000 chest 3

27000 Chest no 2

Chest 3


chest no 2


29559 chest 2

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I will go with $26,660 and opt'in for chest 3 - Long Live LBI!!!

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Chest 2

Oh I won! Thanks a lot :)

For this one I'd say $27,598

Chest 3

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I will go with 28754 USD and chest 2!

Thanks for this opportunity!

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Congratulations, @dealhunter You Successfully Trended The Post Shared By @lbi-token.
You Utilized 2/3 Daily Summon Bot Calls.

TAN Current Market Price : 3.500 HIVE

Chest 2

congratulations to the winner! I think the Bitcoin price will be $ 29,350! And happy end of the year 🎉🎉🎉

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$28,650 chest 3

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I would go with 27,700 USD for one Bitcoin. And of course I take chest number three with the LBI tokens, if I win. ;-)

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$29525 chest number 3

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