Just Keep Stacking

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The markets are a mess. This is no surprise to anyone.

How do people handle such times? What does @lbi-token when the markets are going crazy?

The answer is rather simple: the same thing we always do.

Have you seen any decreases in the articles posted? Nope. They still go up each day. Curation is still taking place just like we always did.

In short, the earnings will come in this week, just like they did from the start of the year.

And it is growing the holdings of this account and, thereby, the value of what is backing the LBI token (long-term). Of course, there can be fluctuations in the market which make the holdings less valuable, especially when off chain assets are entered into the mix. Nevertheless, the effort remains the same in areas that are proven to produce results.


LBI is involved in long-term projects it believes in. Based around Leofinance, this is something that we feel will take off in the future. Now, with the addition of Cubfinance, the entire system can get that much bigger. This is something that really excites us.

Therefore, we are not concerned about minor fluctuations in the market. When you look at a chart of a long term trend, moves like we are seeing appear minor in the long run. This is what we know to be true.

There is no point in getting upset about what it is taking place. It is normal for markets to pull back, especially when they had a huge run up. LEO is still higher than it was by a magnitude of 6 from where it dropped to before. That is a huge jump.

Of course, that doesn't really affect the value of LBI since it is priced in LEO. However, the fact that the price dropped is causing people to cash out based upon discouragement. This is something that we use to our advantage.

Consistency is something that is often overlooked on the path to success. While everyone wants the quick hits, it is time and effort that produces long term results.

In the financial arena, consistency comes in the form of the return one can consistently get as well as the amount of growth within a fund. With LBI, we are adding more LEO to the core holdings every week. This is akin to an individual investment account that one puts money into with each paycheck. Each week the number of LEO held by LBI increases.

Over time, we are very confident that token will appreciate as compared to whatever metric you want to use (i.e. other token). This is especially true when it is priced in fiat.

LBI-token keeps filling the bags. There is no reason to stop. The way to wealth is to have more of an asset so that when it does appreciate in price, one is that much further ahead.

The long game is something that LBI was found upon. Get Rich Slowly is not something often discussed in cryptocurrency. Most are looking for the moon, to become a billionaire by next Thursday. Certainly, there are many who can make money in a short period of time, we prefer to keep building. This is the tried and true path to excessive wealth accumulation.

In spite of this "conservative" approach, the return that is being generated through the first half year is rather terrific. We are seeing a APR that will far exceed what most get from traditional institutions. Keep in mind, this is only a starting point. As the project gets bigger, there are more resources available to enter different things. This increases the chances of even higher returns as diversification of projects puts the percentages into play. There will be a few moonshots here and there.

We are most concerned with where the LBI token will be valued in 5 or 10 years, not so much today. To get to the point down the road, we realize that the efforts made today will help us along that path. It is all part of the process.

Markets will go up and they will go down. That is what they do. Through it all, we just keep plugging along, adding where we can. By doing this, when the markets do swing higher, our holdings, which are greater in number, will be even more valuable.

So the best advice is to Just Keep Stacking.

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You got it, keep stacking this stuff! I'm watching and always looking for undervalued assets to go on sale.

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I must say I am kind of happy that LBI is capped now, as each one I buy from the market increases my percentage of the whole. The downturn has also increased the bang for my Fiat buck. I suppose having been in crypto for a bear and bull cycle has thought me few things. Keep Staking.

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Its difficult not to be sucked into the prices at the moment I mean a whole lot of people tend to use this to predict how well a token or coin will do, but this might be myopic, like you said 5 to 10 years, better still long-term sucess of the project is the goal overtime, only builders will of course benefit.

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The prices haven't gotten me down and LEO is definitely still the community I believe in the most. So I tend to be the most active here and will continue to stack.

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Yes, this is probably the project on Hive I'm most excited about. I love the continuous growth of the assets backing the tokens. There is absolutely zero reason to view this as a short-term investment so the "price" simply does not matter right now. IN fact, the cheaper it is, the more tokens we earn through curation so it's actually BETTER for the long term that it's down. I bought a bunch before the cap hit so I'm just HODLing right now, but rest assured, if people want to keep selling it, I'll be scooping some up down the road.

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That's the spirit, with so many people dumping at the slightest hint of a pull back there are actually very good opportunities to scoop up some good stuff for cheap

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So the best advice is to Just Keep Stacking

I'll take this advice, thanks.

The current market present us with the opportunity to grow our bags while we wait for the swing up.

Since I intend to be here for the long term, I'll be doing just that. Staking all the way

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One of my greatest believed is that stacking is not a bad idea,as I always hope that the market will keep on improving day by day

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it's getting harder to keep the grind going without any new major updates/projects we can play with on Hive, at least that I know about. I hope the next hardfork will be a breath of fresh air and will make curation more interesting at least

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Why do you feel it's getting harder? You miss the novelty? As my pc got bricked I'm a little less active at the moment but still see the divs coming in in the keychain app. That's enough motivation to keep going even if it's a t a slightly slower pace :-)

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It's nice when you see your holding growing in price and the platform thriving, and we only got a glimpse of that this bull run. Now it feels like we are in the bear market again

True, I like to focus more on just getting the actual number of the stack up instead of watching dollar/euro whatever fiat price you like to associate it with. Keep at it man!

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