Results of the 2nd votation on postponing or not the weekly dividends

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[Authored by @empoderat]

Dear LBI holders,

According to the details shared in the last post regarding the 2nd vote on weekly dividends, we’re publishing the following results (not in any particular order).


There has been fierce competition between the two positions, and it was not clear which one would prevail, with a head-to-head race till the closing of the poll.

After all votes have been counted, the results are as follows:


*We made our best effort to guarantee that these results are 100% transparent as everyone can count the votes by themselves and all LBI holdings are public.

However, we (as a governance team) can also make mistakes and for that reason we kindly ask everyone to review their vote to see and confirm that the vote has been understood clearly and added as expected.

Here we would leave a 3-day window for you to check and review that we assigned the vote in the right category.

Remember the voting weights if you want to recheck:

1/ 10-99 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 1
2/ 100-499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 2
3/ 500-2,499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 3
4/ 2,500-9,999 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 4
5/ 10,000+ LBIs will earn a vote equal to 5

If nothing strange happens and the ‘YES’ wins (as it’s currently expected), will mean that @lbi-token will keep reinvesting for an additional 3 months before we vote again at the end of July when we will be holding another voting round.

Final Notes

As a curious detail, mention that ~161.000 LBI from a total of 250.000 participated in this vote.

If we exclude the ~30K that are currently sitting into @lbi-token for upcoming purchases (making the real supply something closer to 220.000), we can conclude that ~73,18% of all available LBI in hands of users participated.

That’s an astonishing number and something very difficult to achieve even in ‘real’ democracies (we can’t really compare, but you get the point).

We’re on the right track.

Once again, this shows us how passionate and dedicated the LBI holders are.

Thank you to everyone who participated and makes Leo Backed Investments possible.

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It was a very close voting result. If just one person decided to change their decision, the results would of been different.

Personally I am glad that YES won. I am looking more at LBI for the long term and I think it will result in more gains in the future.

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That is as close as close can get in a vote.
Nice to see people wanting what they feel is best for everyone by exercising their right to vote.

Couldn't have been closer. Great participation.

It will be interesting to see if anyone changes their vote. Everytime I read YES I thought that was referring to a "yes" for dividends. I wonder if others thought the same or if it was just me.

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You could argue the same thing for the other way around and assume that people voted NO, thinking it meant the other. However, I believe it was made very clear what answer means what and it was highlighted again at the end of the voting post.

Very Disappointing outcome.

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This is real democracy.

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Even though I voted for "NO" out of excitement, after talking to various friends on LeoFinance, I understood why we should reinvest everything for another 3 months. If I could change my vote, I would. Let's compound!!!

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damnn that was so close and can change in these days :P it's more excited than watching a football match :P

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Next time we should make have some volunteers role play a politician for YES and one for NO to make things more spicy :))

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nice, happy for the result but above all for the participation of the LBI holders

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Turnout 73.18% is higher than in parliamentary elections in many democracies. Interestingly. I think that's a good sign.

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Well that was close. ;) Incredible participation. Speaks well to the future governance of LBI.

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Wow, that is an insanely close vote. Interesting to see what the next three days bring. I would like to remind everyone about the advantage that it brings to the LBI project and ultimately to us all, if we indeed postpone payouts for another three months. There have been multiple people doing the math on that and all points to reasonably higher returns within 12 months from now (with only 9 payouts), compared to starting the payouts immediately (and getting 12 payouts). The power of compounding is incredible!

Thank you for the transparency in the data provided. I must say I thought it would go the other way and am surprised it was so close. I am very happy that we have another 3 months to give LBI a more solid foundation.

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That was close! I'm also glad YES won, but if we have 3 days to change our vote ... who knows. I'm not changing mine, it's fine as it is.

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Change mine from NO to YES please

I thought I edited my original reply but it looks like it didn't save/post for some reason.

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As others have said, it's incredible how many people participated! I see at least one comment saying they voted to pay out but are now hoping it's compounded, so I'm glad that outcome was selected!

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Just to be clear, the 3 day period is for reconciliation only. Votes that have been cast and verified are final. This three day period is only to reconcile differences in your personal vote count and our official vote count. I hope that clears things up for everyone. I apologize for not posting this from the @lbi-gov account. I am on the gov team though.

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Even though I don't have a very large LBI stake at the moment, I am hesitant to purchase more if I am not able to receive dividends and stake those dividends. 3 months is a long-time in crypto. Can the team @lbi-token point me to any posts/information to show what the dividends/payouts will be in 3 months time? How will CUB returns impact on LBI dividends as well? I'd be interested to see what the difference might between dividends now and dividends in 3 months. I don't feel those figures were put out there clearly for everyone to investigate before the vote. This is my opinion and some feedback for the LBI project.

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How can we know that this scheme can't be postponed for perpetuity if 51% of the whole fund keeps voting to delay the dividend payments, something that was specifically in the original presentation of the project, forever?
I may sound like a lame loser but I'm not sure that is such a good signal that literally the opinions on this are divided in half. Dunno, just my two cents.
Is there going to be an automatic poll slated for three months from now to decide again?
Can that vote include a final date in which dividends will start flowing definitely? Too many questions on a comment? hehe. Thx everyone.

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I say a "NO"
Sorry, I'm finding this quite late.

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