Call for the next proposals round - June to December

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Dear LBIers,

as June started, another round of proposals will be open now for the next 6 months. As on the last span of 3 months, we had only one proposal, we will have now a longer time span to submit the proposals and vote for them.

The time plan was posted in the roadmap post which can be read here

A proposal shall be structured like described in the proposal model made by @silverstackeruk in this post.

The deadline for the new proposal is November the 30th, where we will have the month of December to do the voting and implement the new proposals if we have something to implement.

The proposal needs to contain the: #lbigov hashtag, to make everyone's life easier.

As maybe already known, votes are counted as follows:

1/ 10-99 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 1
2/ 100-499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 2
3/ 500-2,499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 3
4/ 2,500-9,999 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 4

As a reminder, the next vote will be in July, where we vote again on the dividend payments.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we will gladly answer them if we can.

The LBI-GOV Team

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Vote 1 LEO dividends. was initially promised when investing in LBI.

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You do realize these divs will be bigger if LBI can build more first? Just saying..

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Thank you for the info.

I would still like to see the project pay a portion of its profits to investors as dividends.

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No problem! And you have all the right in the world to want that of course.

sorry thought you were one of those people always bitching and whining over the promised dividends but I think that was someone else :-P

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Okay saved as a favorite topic on PeakD, now all I will have to do is ember to look every now and then. For those not aware of the simplicity for saving favorite topics on PeakD it is as simple as clicking on the star:

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Nice one thanks for the information

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Very interesting to know this thanks @lbi-gov

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