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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Utilise your Voting Power

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Thanks for the explanation on the 5 minute window, after 8 months on Hive I still didn't get it. All I knew was "don't vote in the first 4 minutes".
Honestly, I wish Hive just moved to the linear curation rewards Leo is using and dropped all the rest of the system. It makes voting and commenting so much more enjoyable: If I see a comment or article I like, I vote it. No matter if it was made 2 minutes or 5 days ago.

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Some people vote comments as a sign of appreciation no matter if the dust vote kicks in or not. We all have our reasons.

Whether Linear will return or not, I don't know. The Curve was added to stop comment abuse, which was terrible at the time. I have already mentioned I would step up to combat this abuse if Linear rewards were returned. It's not difficult to find abusers using a SQL query.

We now have free down-votes and I for one, use them if needed.