LEO Roundtable #35 - Is this a 2017 Repeat or Is this Crypto Bull Run Different?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

This bull run has had both a number of familiarities and a number of differences. In 2017, there was a massive boom in interest for the crypto space. The ICO craze marked one of the highlights of the bull run.

This time, there is the DeFi craze. There are some key differences between the ICO craze and the DeFi craze. DeFi feels more legitimate. It feels like it's solving a real use case and not just raising funds for some crazy new token that will end up going to 0.

With DeFi, we are able to do more "normal" activities from traditional markets but in the crypto space directly. Many of these financial services have long been prophecized as needing radical disruption and crypto merged with blockchain tech offers the solution that many of us are looking before.

In this episode of the roundtable, we talk about this and more. Discussing a few of our favorite projects in the space, our thoughts on Bitcoin and some development updates for LeoFinance. This episode was actually recorded prior to episode #34 (which was an emergency podcast we recorded on the day Tesla bought $1.5B worth of BTC). You'll likely notice that the prices are a bit behind since we recorded it earlier last week.

In This Episode:

  • 00:00:00 You Either Know About Bitcoin or You Get Left Behind
  • 00:02:30 This Bull Run Feels Like the 2017 Rally - Analysis With Bitcoin Dominance
  • 00:05:15 2017 ICO Craze Vs. 2020 DeFi Craze
  • 00:07:30 RUNE Analysis - Why We're Bullish
  • 00:14:00 Bitcoin, Selling Crypto into Stablecoins and Avoiding Taxes with Lending Contracts
  • 00:26:10 Using Crypto Futures to Hedge Your Portfolio
  • 00:34:00 Is DeFi the Future of Passive Income and "Cashing Out" of Crypto?
  • 00:46:00 Taking Rolland's Bets to the Blockchain
  • 01:02:20 The New Update for LeoFinance.io
  • 01:10:00 Q&A on ProjectBlank - Airdrop Details
  • 01:18:00 ProjectBlank Will Change the Way Hive Content Creation Works on a Fundamental Level

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Every legal way to avoid taxes interests me a great deal. Let's say you have 1 BTC. You take out a loan of 50,000 DAI with the BTC as collateral when BTC goes to $400,000. You get margin called long before BTC crashes to $50,000 and you lose, what, $50,000 worth of BTC but keep the rest? And if that happens, you don't have to pay any tax on the fraction of 1 BTC you effectively swapped for DAI (that maintains its value all the way to the BTC bottom)? Which is when you'd buy BTC with the DAI you've got.

Is this correct?

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Taxes should not be avoided but improved.
With blockchain you can direct your taxes to good purposes and government accounts where you can scan and trace the activity.
Today you have no transparency what the taxes are used for, who really paid what and how much.

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I will not pay any more taxes than I'm legally required to.

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I did not mean you should pay more. If anything just make sure that what you are forced to pay can be tracked and verified for good use.

Yes, that's one of the use cases of blockchain.

It is certainly different. No the big boys are taking note and buying in. The base is much broader now then it was in 2017. That doesn't mean it can't tank by 2/3 or more. But it isn't just an oddity anymore.

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Yes, this time is certainly different. The fact that there are now very legitimate, very wealthy, very intelligent individuals and entities actively (and publicly) participating in the space brings a ton of credibility and trust to the overall network. While I don't believe that will completely end big dips and bear markets, I do think it will mitigate them to a large degree. Rather than the 70%, 80%, 90% crashes of years past, I think there will be too many large buyers waiting to pounce on those opportunities for the price to go down more than 30-40%. Time will tell, obviously, but it certainly feels different this time.

Now altcoins on the other hand.....they still have the 90% corrections in play. Mostly because when the shit starts hitting the fan there, people will flee to quality: Bitcoin.

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You may be right. It will be most interesting to see how the institutionals will handle the bear market after the big crash in the second half of this year. I agree on the altcoins.

Investing in some oscillator type altcoin with a demonstrated capability to bounce back after a bear market or some hot new one could be the way to utilize this.

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I've thought about that. You wonder if that might not be where a DOGE or a Verge or a SIA coin comes in. Some sort of "dead" coin where a little uptick in price isn't going to cause the bagholders to sell into it and maybe could even cause a little pump. Interesting to think about....

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This video helped me get through what was a horrendous Monday at work but full with insights and optimism about the next couple of weeks and months! Things definitely do feel different this time around, like a little more "professional", not sure that's the best word but the smarter money has provided a new dimension and the fact Tesla, MicroStrategy and the Corporate Bitcoin Conference from a couple of weeks ago... plenty to be excited about! On top of that, a few other hedge fund managers saying there's a "wall of money" coming in, there's going to be some serious euphoria happening!

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Will the airdrop be in a 1:1 ratio?
I mean, if I have 100 Leo Power and 100 Leo miners, will I get 100 blank tokens for the Leo Power and 100 blank miners for the 100 Leo miners?

I love the idea of short form content on Hive, and that it does not show up as top level posts. That prevents "reward stealing" from auto-votes etc. However, you keep saying that "this has never existed on Hive, in short form content"..

Does that mean that something like this has existed, or exists, in terms of long form content?

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That was a really good video. I also think this time is different to 2017 and as brought up companies are adding Bitcoin to their holdings.

Great work on the project blank announcement and its a great method to ensure air drops are provided to users of the service and not just speculation or people just wanting to make a quick dollar.

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Rolland - Oh wait, I am not yet clear. Can we discuss it again?
This is what I like. We need more explanation :) We need more details. We are cheap. We want to make money. No, we don't want to pay taxes on crypt profit.
Yes. I want all that and I am as pumped for the Project Blank. And, let me tell you - I will try to make 1000 tweets(whatever the equivalent is)a day. Pump it.:D

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Of course I watched the entire thing as usual. Loaded with great info. I'm started to understand yeild farming as a result. And I agree that Project Blank will change the way people use hive. I've been waiting for this since the day I joined steemit 3 years ago!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Right? All those years of steemit waste has led to other great opportunities, thus making it all a win in the end :-)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

DeFi feels more legitimate. It feels like it's solving a real use case and not just raising funds for some crazy new token that will end up going to 0.

2017 : 2021 = 1 : 100

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hell yeah man!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This 2021. It will look totally different than any other year. The pattern might change as the masses will flock in.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yeah, I think you are right in saying that Project Blank will change the way we view and use Hive!

Hahaha, that is about the perfect screenshot with me. ;-p

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30k rise per month for bitcoin, is this a reality?

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Always a great chat, with some awesome info.

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I think I heard Khal say that 'blanks' won't receive Hive rewards as well. I'm not talking about automated votes that are triggered when someone posts a top-level post, and which won't on comments, I think he specifically said there won't come any Hive rewards from 'blanking' (apart from a few top engaged 'blanks' that will receive a full upvote from the official Hive account every day).

If I didn't misunderstood, I think that's very wise to keep the reward pools completely separate.

Great talk as always!

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