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RE: # 925 - Ships on Coins - Part 15

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Personally, I think this rendition of Lief Erickson's ship is better than the 2014 $15 Canada version, just my opinion.
Thanks for sharing @ronavel


What I think a little strange on the above coin is the direction of the flag. The sail is receiving a back wind and the flag should be pointing back...

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Nope, seems normal to me.
That flag position Only happens when a Full Rigged ship, for example, 'Tacks' into the wind using the curvature of triangular sails (Jibs, Spanaker, and Stay sails) to pull the ship into the wind like the lift of an airplane wing. ⛵️
The Viking Longboat sail is not designed for that and will have to rely on Viking muscle, Put your backs into it!, rowing to move against the wind.🛶