Where NOT to copy your post from and ... 5 ideas for your next blog posts :)

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This is a post about a funny story, that I would definitely not believe if I did not witness it myself :)

Picture this: The founders of a social media platform, post a story about someone who found a way to break the rules for receiving extra rewards. He posted about it and of course the extra rewards stopped for all!
But the real story is not that per se :) After a few minutes - another user takes the story of the founders and posts it in the founders' social platform - as his original content! Read on to see what happened :)


How it all started :)

I was feeling a bit depressed this morning .. and I was online trying to find the courage to work :)

When suddenly I saw this post ... I mean .. WOW!

Short version .. there used to be some secret (un-announced) rules of extra 'activity rewards' on read.cash - that were distributed to specific countries. Some of the users from other countries accidentally discovered it, posted about it - until someone said that he was using a VPN! That post of course was the reason that these activity rewards were stopped without any notice!

That could be the whole story - it stands well by itself, doesn't it?

But no!

There is more :)

Where do YOU find your post inspiration?

Wrong answers only!

I guess you do not find your next blog inspiration from the platform's founder wall!

And even if you do, I guess you would not copy/paste it to another platform!

Well someone did just that. He copied and pasted the same post as their own article!

I was also left with my jaws open .. I mean, this person had already more than 200 followers and for some reason just decided to copy paste a post about cheating from the platforms founders?

Of course the founders reacted immediately. I don't think that he will be using his account to write another blog there
(I would really like to know what he was thinking when writing that post)

Anyways .. that was the story, I hope it made you smile!
Oh, the things that we will witness for sure can give inspiration to script writers :)

But let's move forward!

Every story should give us a lesson, so I decided to make this a useful post :)

I will share with you how I find inspiration/subjects for my blog posts :)

How to keep the inspiration coming ...

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

First of all, you need to loooove (or at least like) what you do. Write blogs :) Second, it really helps if you already know somethings about the subject of your blog.. I could never think or writing a post about neuroscience, it would take me for ages to find all the info and digest it enough to be able to write about it.

Here's what I do so that I always have something to write about & a few ideas of fellow leo-authors ;)

.1. Make a list

I always make a list of subjects that can be written at any point. These could include a milestone (i.e. when I reach 5K APX), a game/app/platform review, an opinion about something, a funny/educational event etc

.2. Check out the news

You may find something that will inspire a whole post or that can help you think of a relative subject :) For instance, the latest post of @trumpman is about RUNE and how it is about to take off!

.3. Read what other users write :)

That will definitely bring up some inspiration. I spent my morning yesterday reading the post by @edicted that was about a post by @dan :)

Careful here! I am not suggesting that you write about another user, but someone else's post could give you a story to write about - or news about a project!

.3. Make a comparison

This was a brilliant post idea by @filotasriza3
He compared noise.cash with what he thinks the new microblogging by @leofinancew will look like ;)

If you check out his post, you get to find & subscribe to many hive/leo users

.4. Make a prediction or state your opinion about something!

You may be interested a lot in a topic, monitoring it closely for some time. That will give you some extra insights that you may want to share.

.5. Write about a contest, a giveaway

A contest or a giveaway is always an interesting topic! Or you can write about a giveaway rewards!

See how @knowhow92 turned his 50$ rewards to $200!

What do you think?

Do the above inspire you? Do they bring some extra ideas for posting themes?

If none of the above is enough, check out the daily contests by @whatageek :)

Or announce any future announcement, but please do not go copying other people's posts :)

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

Please remember to support @cleanplanet - Link here

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You can find inspiration everywhere and often times it comes while interacting in here. I liked the post of @edicted very much by the way.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Haha, I have to laugh at all this, but the fact is that 5-10% of people are idiots and the model you mentioned is certainly among them 😎

Say what? I'm the first to comment on this post? You must have written it in 5 hours,someone told me.

This is an issue, as mostly this users mention above are coming from countries with poor education and maybe a poor way of thinking.

You summed it also good what to do to create content. There are so many easy ways. Sadly people invest more energy in avoiding the work, than it would take them to do the work...

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Indeed it gave me some ideas about what to write this week. I was doing the first one but you know, sometimes I don't feel motivated or inspired when I take a topic from the list. The hardest part since I started to write here is running out of ideas.


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thanks for the mention! I also read noise posts and laugh, to be honest, :P

On a more serious note, i understand that some people may don't think of a topic each day and that's natural but they shouldn't steal the work of others that is unacceptable. If they simply follow what you stated they can easily have tons of things to write for

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Σοβαρά τώρα?

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Sucks...But that's what happens right...always one person messes it up for the rest of the community.

Platforms like Noise Cash are in a tough bind, because they are using the tips to onboard, but that just attracts the sketchy audience that are trying to find loop holes.

I hope they get it sorted, I'm starting to really enjoy myself over there lol

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I just joined noise.cash from the UK, maybe one of the developed countries originally eligible for the bonus 😡

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Wow? So what happen to him did he get put in Blockchain jail or something? you never know who's watching.

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Haha, that is indeed a funny story, thanks for sharing. But somehow sympathetic, he at least wanted to share his loophole with the other crooks :D

As for the content, well.... Some of the content here is already unique, where you can see that someone put some thought into it. However, it happens to me quite often that I read something on Reddit, which can be read here a few hours later. Sometimes with reference, mostly not. Coincidence? Partly yes, partly people are just fishing for content. You can tell me what you want ^^ A lot of it is just source information taken, rewritten and if there is a lot of effort, packed an own opinion to it. 3rd Layer news agency :D

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What a great story, I didn't even know that happened!

I actually had a feeling that noise.cash is giving "privilege" to 1st world country Users. When I woke up today, I had like 45 cents in new Tips to give away.

One thing for me to get inspired was always discussion, but I can't get as fired up about finance and cryptos as I can get about politics, and I am yet to find many people on hive, one of the few I have from the Steemit days is @tarazkp but he is more of a philosophical guy than a politics one.

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Great post with great tips about writing better.

Well done, @katerinaramm.

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Inspiration is hard to come by at times, but I think your post did a good job of helping to point us in the right direction!

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These are all great tips for creating posts. I like to use my everyday occurrences while I'm out if the house on the town too.

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Ha ha .... these are hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I never even heard of read.Cash.

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