Take a survey for a chance to win $100 - by CoinMarketCap

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Would you take a chance to win $100 simply for participating in a survey? CoinMarketCap is here with another opportunity, let's check out what kind of promo they have this time!

I took the survey and Ill take you through the process, so that you will decide if you wish to take it or not. :)

CoinMarketCap if you are reading this, maybe you would consider joining the community of @Leofinance - there is an amazing crypto related community that will be excited to have you here!


Before you click the link, maybe you would like to create an account on CoinMarketCap - it is very easy and it will come handy, I promise! It is not necessary for the survey but you will need it if you wish to participate to other campaigns.

To sign up you will only need an email and a password

Let's take the survey!


Link to the survey


As we can see, filling in the survey shall take us 10 minutes (! I wonder how many questions there are) and 10 of the (I believe many, many many) participants will be randomly selected to receive $100 each.

There is also a follow up interview where you can participate for extra rewards

Let's take a look at the questions :)

The first 6 questions are rather simple & easy

*.1. How long have you been using CoinMarketCap?

*.2. How long have you known about cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

*3. How long have you been trading digital currencies?

*.4. What is your level of understanding of the following digital currency-related concepts and products?

  • Blockchain
  • Digital currency
  • Spot trading
  • Margin trading
  • Futures trading
  • Options trading
  • Digital currency financial products (Earn, Interest, etc.)
  • Leveraged Token ETF

*.5. Why do you plan on using the CoinMarketCap web page/app?
To learn more about digital currencies (to learn about digital currency market trends, project details, price, etc.).
To learn about exchanges (exchange ranking, trading volume, fees).
To learn the latest market information.
To learn about/participate in activities related to CoinMarketCap (Earn, Interest, etc.)
To learn about CoinMarketCap
Just checking it out.
To learn about buying/trading digital currencies and related knowledge.
Other (please specify)

.6. How satisfied are you with your overall experience using CoinMarketCap?

.7. How often have you visited the CoinMarketCap web page/app in the past 30 days?

*.8. Which of the following options best describes you?

*.9. How do you usually access CoinMarketCap?

*.10. How did you learn about CoinMarketCap?

*.11. What page do you use most frequently on CoinMarketCap?

*.12. On the homepage, what information do you pay the most attention to?

*.13. On the digital currency details page, what do you pay the most attention to?

*.14,15 To what extent do you agree with the following statements?

*.16. What suggestions do you have to improve homepage and any other related pages?

*.17. What suggestions do you have to improve individual currency page and any other related pages?

*.18. When using CoinMarketCap, how often do you use the navigation bar?

*.19. How satisfied are you with your experience of using the CoinMarketCap navigation bar?

*.20. Have you noticed the new features/pages that have been added on CoinMarketCap in recent months?

*.21. How would you rate the new features?

*.22. How did you hear about these new pages/features on CoinMarketCap?

*.23. Have you used CoinMarketCap on a mobile browser?

*.24. How satisfied were you with your experience using CoinMarketCap on a mobile browser?

*.25. Which other digital currency information platforms have you visited?

*.26. How satisfied were you with your experience using (the platform(s) you have selected in the previous step?

*.27. What feature do you use most often on (as above)?

*28. What features on (as above) would you like to see added to CoinMarketCap?

This is a cool question - write anything you wish!!

*.29. What is your country/region of residence?

*.30. What is your gender?

*.31. What is your age?

*.32. What is your current employment status?

.33. We will randomly select 10 users who have carefully completed this survey to receive rewards of 100 USD. Please enter your email address if you would like to participate in the prize draw. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

(finally :) I am not sure if it is relevant, it did not ask me if I have an account - but I entered the email I used for signing up)

.34. Based on the answers submitted for this survey, our staff will be contacting some respondents for a follow-up interview. To thank you for your participation, we will be giving out additional rewards to users who complete the interview. Would you be willing to participate in a follow-up interview?

The End


I also told them I would be willing to participate in a follow up interview, do you think that my replies will fascinate them so much that I will be selected? :) Naaaa - but who knows?


So, what do you think?
Will you take the time to participate?
Did you find this post informative & helpful?
Does it help your decision the fact that you know before hand the number of questions and the details?

Let me know below!

Thank you for visiting!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Thanks for the hint and good luck on taking that sweet money to Heraklion!

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Yes, ok, i will try it! I like cmc!

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Ok, done it, too many questions!

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Thank you for sharing! I am noticing a lot of crypto companies running survey-based promotions in the last few weeks, maybe there is a push behind the scenes to find better ways to engage users for the bull run.

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to kana x8es, pali ta @@ 8a paro :P

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