HIVEFEST Day 2 | A short video and my take-away

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Happy Sunday everyone :)

Oh my, what a looong Saturday it was! Long, a bit exhausting (woke up at 6 in the morning) - but very rewarding in information received, insights and some new friends!

Tipping and giving BEER tokens :)

I am not sure if it was possible the day before, but I found out that there were some cool things to do when you clicked on someone's badge!

You could follow/chat/tip/send BEER tokens ..

I tried it with Khal @khaleelkazi and with many other friends attending but I am not sure how to see it in the blockchain :) Anyone knows?

About the presentations .. they were simply amazing!

@roelandp Is a great host keeping us entertained (nice voice btw) and always helping out the presenters. Excellently organized, thank you for everything!

@jacobgadikian About Blurt - discussing about this new fork that rolled out last July! There many things about BLURT that hold me (at least 2-3 times a week) active in this platform. Lots to be done, but I see a community who cares.

Jacob, nice presentation - I would love seeing your post on hive about blurt and its evolvement/plans!

@arcange about HiveSQL Engage HiveBuzz - I enjoyed his talk (even if at some point we lost him at a different dimension) and HiveSQL Engage is a great project to be considered. About HiveBuzz - we see it in our posts and I believe we all appreciate its reminders :)


@crimsonclad about NFT Showroom - What a lovely presentation, I liked her voice and could feel the positive aura when she was speaking about art and explaining how NFTs work.

@theycallmedan, @starkerz about 3Speak .. I was very exited to see that they have been up to something really great for the future! I am not sure if I can share it here but keep an eye on their official announcements soon ;)

@khaleelkazi from LeoFinance - What can I say about Khal? An awesome presentation sharing the news about LeoFinance, statistics about the new onboarding mechanism and some exciting news for 2021! Stay tuned for his post with all the info!

Never miss a post ->

@enginewitty about FullAlt - unfortunately I had trouble listening to the presentation but THANK YOU for the possibility of hive tips, a great addition for sure :)

@martibis about .. Founders Depression .. really caught me .. I think that all the attendees were holding their breath to hear the speech. Martibis described how he got from facing a number of family problems since a very young age to today .. the struggles he faced and how the blockchain changed lots of aspects ins his life. I am thankful for this presentation and I believe that I will share more about his projects (some already favorites of mine) like Haveyoubeenhere | PinMapple and a recent one .. buymeberries :) More soon!

@scrooger about a new game! You all probably know him from the Qurator project (thanks for all the support from the past to now)
He now comes to announce a new blockchain game that sounds promising and fun!
Make sure to check ... here >


@rollie1212 With our favorite game CryptoBrewMasters .. Lots of new stuff, plans and make sure you dont miss their Christmas special :)

@lukestokes came to discuss not hive but a cool project - Fio protocol. More info at >

@hellomsq about - I bet you ve seen their videos about our projects .. I love them :) They were here discussing more about synergies and cooperations with hive! Make sure to check them out >

@tyhran About Ocean Planet Unfortunately i did not listen much at the time, but it seems very interesting so I ll make sure I check out the presentation!

@detlev What can I say...! Amazing and Confident presentation - about BeerSaturday (Which I had often seen but never really took the chance to discover more) Who doesn't like beer? OR beer tokens? I think that there are cool things coming soon .. so stay tuned ;)

One of the magic things of hive .. most of the projects can work together :) How lovely is this?

@themarkymark ... Marky Just Joking
Well, what can I say? Just .. the perfect ending to a perfect hivefest!

haha - thanks Mark!

Missed the Day 2? Watch it here:

Here you can see the HiveFest if you missed Day 2

Some extra moments

Usually i hate selfies .. but I noticed a little button that you could click and there are some results here!

Failed #1NFT SHOWROOMWhat a beautiful Lobby area!
I was trying to make a selfie with @traciyork but failed :(What a beautiful room! I could be there for hours! I even played the piano a little bit (really!)I loved this area, plenty of space - friends - green .. much to explore :)


When life gives you lemons, take in all the vitamin!

Covid stopped the HiveFest from taking place - or so it thought.

Good things cannot be stopped. Thanks to the Team who organized the whole thing, proving that there is always a way when there is a will and a plan.

Great Fest, I wish I was better prepared - would have taken the opportunity to meet more people.
I would kick out my family from my house
I would take VR equipment - or rent it
I would have read in advance about some of the projects - to have more questions
I would not wake up so early in the morning to feel sleepy early at night

But it's ok! I would not change it for anything!

Thank you for everything @hivefest

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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thankfully next year we will visit the next hivefest with our crypto earnings

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Thank you for sharing about brief HiveFest day 2 news!
Happy HiveFest!

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Excellent recap! Re-blogged.

It's been cool to see you at HiveFest @katerinaramm. I hope you enjoyed it!

It's still a better selfie than I got - especially since I didn't think to take any! 😂

Seriously though @katerinaramm, thank you for thinking of this and for including me in your lovely post. It was wicked cool to chat with you on Discord (since I couldn't with the HiveFest interface) and I hope we bump into each other in a future VR event like this!

Thanks for your message :))
I think that there will be more of these VR events, I found it amazing that so many different people, from the whole world but with one thing in common - could be together, chat and exchange ideas!
The best is before us!

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