Being among the 30 most rewarded LEO authors! How did I do it?

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Today, I am celebrating milestones that I never had planned.. And I would like to share my story with you.

Yesterday evening was a very peculiar evening for me.
I received a notification that my name was mentioned in the new post by @leofinance

I took a quick look and I saw that the Title was "LEO Authors Are the Most Rewarded Users on Hive" .. I never thought that my name would be included in the Leaderboard!


Yes my friends

I was the 29th most rewarded LEO author in the month of December!

(If you don't believe me, here is proof!)

What did I do to deserve such an honor? I was among names such as @taskmaster4450, @rollandthomas, @trumpman, @khaleelkazi, @acesontop, @behiver, @filotasriza3 (κι εσύ εδώ;) (and more, please check out the post for all of them :))

I am of course grateful, this amount of rewards is something really unbelievable for me and I would never have imagined that I would accomplish that.

I am thankful to all the leofinance users how supported my posts and who commented, and of course grateful to @onealfa who took the time to read and visit a few of them :)

Thank you!!!

But .. wait? How did I get there? What are my secrets?

Well no hidden secrets, but I would like to share a my actions with you :)

(1) (Almost) Daily LeoFinance posts

I posted on Leofinance almost on daily basis. And of course I checked out new posts as more as I could.. It is important to have a consistency in your writing behaviour.

Of course the content should be original, yours, not copied pasted and any information mentioned or image included should have a source
If for instance I post about LeoFinance Witness being now in the 32nd place so please everybody upvote, I shall include the link where I found this info here by @behiver.

(2) Ok, you may ask.. But what can I write about every single day?

I can tell you what I do .. I have a list of subjects that can be written any time (such themes could be a review of an app, a crypto experience of yours, a set of tips for a specific subject etc) and to this list I go when there is not a current topic to write.

For instance if I wish to share an airdrop, a new dApp, an event (such as the VR Hive Fest) etc ..

(3) Pay attention to the posts' appearance

It is important for a post not only to have good content but to look nice. I pay attention to the headlines, to the images used and I try to keep things tidy so that the post can be easily read :) Not sure if it always works, but

(4) Feel free to promote your posts on other platforms

We are not always on leofinance .. we are digitally everywhere ;) So why not try to promote leofinance in other channels?

I usually promote my leofinance links at

If you ask why, it is because other lions may be in other platforms and that way they get to see my posts (or wannabe lions ;))

I spot often posts by @bagofincome @alexvan @acesontop @lordneroo @khazrakh and more .. in other platforms! I always visit in case I have missed when curating!

(5) LeoFinance Discord

I know it is not easy to be everywhere, but Discord is a place where instant communication between a community is is possible. Also, announcements take place and it is very important to be there to be able to get help if needed. (Or of course to help if anyone is asking something that you can answer ;))

Being active in a community is always a win-win, so you earn in new friends and knowledge and it is always a mutual thing :))

Join us on Discord

(6) Try to be genuine and authentic in comments

Unlike other platforms (such as Publish0x) - in leofinance, comments are often rewarded (and sometimes even more than a post itself :)) If you comment only to comment, it will be obvious. Comment to be useful, to be helpful, or to ask a real question. This will get you noticed :) And replied to! So, again .. a win-win situation!

(7) Repost in hive

I repost my post in the hive blockchain - so all my hive followers can see it not only the community in LeoFinance
(tip - you can also set it to be auto reposted if you visit the settings in Leo .. hihi this is a secret ;))

(8) Beg @trumpman for upvotes

If none of the above works, then I suggest that you go to @trumpman and ask him to support you :P

Ok, that is a joke, but jokes aside - his posts are useful and you can check out the channels he is in, the games he is playing and I know that he can be really helpful when he wants to :))


I would like to hear more advise of anything that I left out from the rest 29 top LEO authors or from anyone reading this :)) Let's share our knowledge, experience & tips!

Thank you for visiting, once more!
(Top image created in canva with free to use elements)

If you are new in LeoFinance you may want to check out this post

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Congratulations on your success, that's a huge feat indeed!
I think staying true to yourself is the most important advise and well, obviously, be consistent in what you do.

Ultimately, it's also about delivering the right content as well.
I'm doing crypto gaming, I enjoy it, I won't change it. But it's not what the heavy hitters are interested in, so I probably won't make it to the top spots that way. In the end, I prefer to write about stuff I enjoy and earn less rewards instead of making up stuff I don't really care for just to up my earning ;-)

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Congratulations and being in the top 30 most rewarded authors. That is certainly a pretty sweet feat.

Oh, and best of luck being in that top for a long time to come. :D

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Repost in hive

wait... I thought everything I publish on Leo is published on Hive as well

Pay attention to the posts' appearance

I hate that part, even though on the other hand I myself prefer to read a well-structured text. I am always so eager to just press publish when I finished writing a post content wise.

Congratz on making another high value post! I might join the discord the next days to talk about my idea of making a LeoFinance Style UI for politics.

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Hi, thanks for coming by :)

wait... I thought everything I publish on Leo is published on Hive as well

When you post in a community, then the post goes into your 'Posts' tab
If you post by a normal front-end, such as - etc - then your blog will be at the 'BLOG' tab.


I prefer to post via the, as it is also the place where I interact the most and its interface helps me find content easier.

See you on Discord when you make it :)

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But I thought there is actually no difference for people subscribed to me. Even if I just post on Leo they still get it in their Hive-feed, don't they?

So you are doing it more for your personal record or does it change something to have those posts in your Blog?

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Thank you for your question:) Danke!

Any post, in any community will appear in the feed of the people you follow.

Reblogging it makes it more visible because:

When someone goes to your profile > - you dont see all the posts by default - you need to click on the Posts to see the posts shared also on communities. For instance I have posted a few actifit posts, which remain in the Posts tab, but not in the Blog because I have not 'reblogged' them.

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alright, thank you very much for clarifying.

I thought this was rather a bug of (modern) Steemit and Hive than a feature...

Congratulations! You deserve every success! It is among the greatest authors that always leave us motivated to continue on our journey.

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Thank you so much! I really admire you an author, the way you write and also the fact that you always write in 2 languages. I hope I can also be able to do it one day..
All the best!

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Thank you! I also admire you a lot.

The Greek language, although not dominant, is very beautiful and is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Success in your journey that this year will be all ours with cryptocurrencies!

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Congratulations! You are doing a great job! Let me try to catch you this month! But in all seriousness, even without being in the top 30, I feel like I'm earning a pretty nice amount of tokens!

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Honestly, you are one of the best bloggers I have seen on leo, and beyond.
May I interview you sometime (soon)?

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Thank you, Katerina! Your words are encouraging!

Yeah, it's easily done. Contact me on Telegram or Torum. :)

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Congrats my dear... Nice story of yours. Good article. You are deserving my dear. And now you are in the noise who is making a big noise! LOL

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Thank you Kenny! :)

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You're really doing very well. Congrats! :D

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I would like to know how many free time does everybody have on that top 30, because I barely can write a post per day with 9-5 job and other chores 😂

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Great advice. I really appreciate it. I've been on LeoFinance for a couple of months now and while I started out strong, seem to be fading fast. My recent posts may earn 1 LEO if I'm lucky. I will use your advice to improve my posts. Thanks again!

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Nice! I learnt a thing or two

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F*cking awesome Katerina, you definitely deserve it! You content is so well-writen and always a pleasure to read!

I am sure we are gonna see your name in February's list too ;)
Keep it up, both you and @filotasriza3

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Thanks for the shoutout, Kate! Much appreciated!

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I dived into the Leo scene just before the air drop announcement. This made it hard for me to draw a blueprint to get exposure. Your e tips, however, are gonna give me an edge even at a time when a lot of crowd is gathering at Leo.
Well, tbh I'm not surprised. Knowing the person you are, you deserve every last drop of the success.


More info why you see this.

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Congratulations Katerina!!!
I'm not at all surprised to see you on this list, you are one of the top authors, your articles are useful, detailed, and always well written. I have been following you and reading you for years and I know. Keep your great work.

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Congratulations for making it to the top!

Members like you keep the rest of us motivated :)

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I am new to Leo Finance so thank you for creating this post. It is helpful to get advice from those who are more knowledgeable. I check out your photos on Pexels. They are really nice! I want to learn to take pictures like that

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Congratulations. You deserve it and your consistency is an example to follow.

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Great job ! And seeing the results of this post, it seems it might continue ;)

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I love crypto but I think I need to learn more to make good content about finance. It's is amazing :3

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Congratulation katerinaramm

Congratulations... that’s huge.


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damnn bravo re katerina!! dn to xa paratirisei kan oti bgike to post autou oute eixa idea oti hmoun k ego mesa :P 8a to tsekaro argotera exo periergia!

ultimate goal: na gemisei me ellines auto to top :P

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You did a great job! Congratulations on your success

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Well written and thanks for the secret . I try to be consistent but so far I haven't been able to. Will try to do it in from now on. Good luck.

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Your recommendations are excellent, especially for a beginner like me who enters this platform every day to learn and find the opinions directly from its users is the best I've seen.

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You deserve it, @katerinaramm.

Keep doing your best to achieve more and more.

That is incredible! I would love to replicate the daily posting, that's something I'm still working on, but I think that such a caring community exists here, and that is something very different from MSM & Big Tech. Do you get lots of followers coming over from the Discord chat? I haven't used that app in years, but if it can help me network, I'd love to be a part of that!

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Hi, thanks for your comment :)
No, I dont get many followers from Discord, but it does help to find new content and to make new friends :) Also, you are always in the heart of any development/announcement!

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I gotcha. There should be a public Telegram group for Leo! I've met some really cool people through a crypto group I'm in on there (run by @scottcbusiness), and there's always good info to be learned!

Congrats @katerinaramm for making it. Its an awesome achievement to be in the top 30 leaderboards. You also shared various to stay active on leofinance and even engage more with other amazing authors.
I like your suggestion about the topic also and its very helpful for many to choose and write accordingly.

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I follow your blog closely because I think I can learn a lot from you, thank you very much for what you share, you are a great help for those of us who are learning about this

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Very helpful tips indeed, thanks for sharing and congratulations!

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Congrats @katerinaramm, that's a pretty nice achievement you've got here. And deserved. Keep it rollin'

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Excellent guide and tutorials to me in my case I need to improve in putting the source from where I get it because sometimes I loin or I forget. And maybe that's why my publications are not awarded, I really have to work on that.

And I also need to join more social networks to promote my publications. I think that is also vital and can even give publicity to leo finance.

Thank you very much for this wonderful advice and I really congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for having achieved this milestone. I know it is not easy but we can all achieve it if, like you, we make an effort to meet these requirements. I hope you can be on next month's list but not on the 29th if not maybe on the 20th or 15th.

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Kudos to you and more grease to your elbow. Hard work is the key and your name there shows your hard work on the platform.

I hope just one day, I will get to be among those listed as rewarded authors of the months.

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