Ask LEO: What do you do with your liquid LEO? + How I harvested my earned CUB (tutorial)

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Hi everyone!
Today I realized that I had some extra liquid LEO, so apart from the 10 that I will hold for the giveaway winner, I had to think what I will do with the rest :)


Big goals require small stepping stones

One of my goals for April is to be able to go to 5K LEO Power, but I am not so sure I can make it in the month. Let's see if it will be possible.
After this move, I will only power up the LEO rewards I receive - until at least the first little goal is reached!

CubDefi updates

Before I proceed, let me check and share with you my little cub den :)


I have my precious cubs in the den and even though they are not many (yet), I am receiving some extras every day. Now I have a whole cub to harvest, so I will do it in a bit and show you how I do it!

.1. Turning LEO to bLEO

I did not remember the link so I googled it and I found out this > and followed the instructions

Entering here you can send your LEO to receive bLEO


I asked for 70 LEO to be transferred - I will receive 69

There is an issue at this moment in the transfer process so please do not do any transfers unless you check the Discord of LeoFinance!


My transaction is stuck and does not go through...
So, lesson learned :) Always check the discord first for any news :)

Good news is that the funds will not be lost, they will eventually be refunded I guess..

So let's go harvest for now :) As we wait for the funds to go to the proper spot

Step 1 - Click Harvest All(1)
Step 2 - Confirm the transaction via METAMASK (you will need a small amount of BNB for fees)
Step 3 - You will see success message
Step 4 - Click Harvest All again and get ready for another small fee of BNB
Please note that it is best if you do it at least if you have more than 1 CUB to harvest and always make sure you keep some BNB in your wallet

(This is what I wanted, to sell the bLEO and receive some extra BNB)


Takeaway ..

Always check the discord/telegram to see if there is any issue with the transaction you will do (if you do not do it very often) - and if you are unsure, do it with a small amount first!


What do you do with your liquid LEOs? What do you recommend?

Please note that this is not financial advice. Please always do your own research

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Ya for me I do that buy more and more cubs

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:) Smart move :)

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I power up 90% of my liquid LEO. Have been thinking to use it on the LP, but as long there is no LEO den, I will power it up :)

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hm, that would be an awesome idea :))

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I'm in a dilemma lately because I really want to use my liquid Leo to buy some more Cub but I also want to grow my Leo Power. I've been trying to split my liquid Leo between those two purposes for the moment at a 70/30 ratio, being 70 to LP and 30 to Cub.

I plan to re-evaluate this plan every month or so and adjust depending on what happens in the Leo Finance community.

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Same here. Splitting a part into power and a part to CUBs!

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Yes, I think it is important to re-evaluate.. :)

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Unfortunately I had to sell off all of my Liquid Leo to use for ETH fees. But, all my transactions are done, so now will stake up those LEO tokens and power them up

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Thank you for your input :) I hope that you achieve your goals!

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Many things to do with those liquid Leo's ... but since you have that goal set for yourself, I would defo go for the powerup. Or you could convert them to bleo, get bnb for the Leo's, ride the increasing value of BNB for a while, trade it ... and when you have enough profit. Sent them back to the smart chain and convert them to even more bLeo.

But if you don't want too much of a hustle here ... powerup would be first choice! Plus in the last scenario you would lose more on fees, so I don't know if it would be worth it. Besides that the value of Leo is also changing. So not to sure if that would be best way to go.

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Yes, these are my thoughts too .. but market is always up and down .. so, sometimes I will just follow my insticts and try out some options!

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I stake my liquid LEO as I'm trying to get to 1000 and bu staking I'm slowly but surely increasing my curation rewards when voting. It's probably not the best use of it but it works for me for now.

At the back of my mind is the Project Blank airdrop so I'm also staking for that.

I see CubDefi as the place to earn for the tiny, but growing, amount of Cub I was airdropped and a place to earn some return on my DEC.

The penny dropped today on why the DEC/BUSD farm is different from the others. Since both tokens are more or less stablecoins the value of the farmed amount isn't really changing in terms of dollars. But I'm earning CUBs there as opposed to having the DEC just sitting around in a wallet so that's good.

I see it more like a bank account now with the CUB being the interest.

Of course, I may have be missing something here and perhaps the dollar value of the farm could rise. 😕

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I am always feeling I am missing something, there so much information everywhere :)

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I power up all my LEO tokens because I want to increase my LP which is still small (about 800) but I also want to increase my CUBs and I'm thinking of using some of the dcity tokens...
5000 leo power is a very good goal and I wish you to reach your goal as soon as possible ;)

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Thank you! I wish you the best and .. soon!

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