My relaxing times in Crete and a question about creating crypto video content

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The eyes relax but sometimes the mind cannot 😊
I can’t help being outside many times a day, mostly for walking and taking photographs or videos and also for thinking
I would like to ask your opinion about something
I was thinking of creating a few videos that will contain clips from my landscape views and my voice over will be discussing some blockchain themes, in a (hopefully) easy to digest way.
There will be a script
There will also text with them
And possibly some subtitles
I wish to do it in Greek and English
What are your thoughts? Is it too stupid to show landscapes and discuss blockchain?
I am not so savvy in making videos nor do I wish to show myself.
Any thoughts and feedback would be very welcome
This video is from my today’s views
I am also pasting here a short video that I made today in a first effort to record my voice (without script) and with very strong winds on the background
What really surprised me is that after I uploaded it to YouTube they immediately sent a message stating that there has been a limitation into what ages can watch this video and that it is limited. Could you imagine why?
Ps if this is not for leofinance community please forgive me and let me know so that I will remove the tag
Thank you very much

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Love your view! The waves sound so relaxing.

Crypto topics on landscape background, why not?!

Maybe you can try recording a voice over when you edit your video to avoid the wind?

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Yes, that would be easier I guess .. there is so much to learn about creating videos!

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That place really looks like it's spring. We have a bit over 0 degrees in here and it rained for days in a row... Unfortunately no snow.

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You are blessed to live there, Kate! Enjoy!

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Please do it!
I already enjoy your voiceless videos, they remind me of the place where I lived for almost 12 years.
If you add blockchain comments, you take it to the next level!

No clue why they put an age limitation to your video...

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