3+1 reasons why I became a Torum Ambassador

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Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing great! I have seen many of you setting goals for 2021 and I will do my best to follow your example :)

In this post I would like to share you with some personal news!

A few days ago I became an Ambassador for the new social media platform Torum. It was a decision that I almost took the moment I was asked by the team. Would you like to know why?


Here are my 3+1 reasons why I became an Ambassador for Torum!

I like to try new things in the digital world. It is best to try something and either embrace or reject it, than have an opinion without having a personal experience.

It took me sometime to join Torum. I had seen it in the news, some of my friends had joined, I even was invited in their Discord Channel but it is only 2 weeks ago when I decided finally to give it a try.

1. I immediately felt at home!

It was very easy to join the platform. You need a username, an email and a telephone number (this will be necessary for your account to be verified). When you join, you land in a very easy-to-use place! You know where to click and why (as opposed to when I first joined steem back then - it took me ages to understand what to do!)

You fix your profile (mine is still incomplete...), you can find new people to follow, comment on their posts, share them or create your own posts, send direct messages and more...!


2. I felt welcome right from the start

I wrote my first post and I was immediately welcomed by the team members, who also sent over some wonderful gifts (in XTM). Also, every question I had was very quickly answered to :)


And here are the answers :) https://www.torum.com/post/5fa8ef4034bd8f43de54022f

3. I see potential in this platform

I have not yet read the WhitePaper (I will, I promise) but I have read this post by @knowhow92 and I see that the Team is serious in what they have in mind. Their product is a perfect meeting point for crypto enthusiasts, they have a solid plan and a feasible road-map.

I like to think positive, this is a new project and I have faith in it. The crypto world is evolving very quickly and it is very easy to be left behind..

3+1 .. If not now, when?

I have missed a few chances in the past, I do not regret them but I wish I did not miss them. Ever since I have promised to myself that if I have a good feeling about something and if it is safe (no scam etc) then to go for it and evaluate it in the way. So, this is where I stand now. I have taken this opportunity and wish/act for the best!

So, now what should be expected from me?

I will be posting tweets about Torum on my twitter account and I will be probably post some of my Torum discoveries as the time passes. A review / some tips and anything else that I believe will be useful for users who are thinking to join Torum.

Do you want to join Torum?
Feel free to use my referral link (we both earn 75 XTM when you verify via telephone number) - https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=katerinaramm
Or click here https://intro.torum.com and click sign up

Make sure you read this post by @bagofincome for a detailed Torum review

Thank you for visiting!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Will join you also latest this weekend. :)
Hope that you promote leofinance.io in there also ;)

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I am always sharing my or other people's leofinance links, I believe that there are very useful information in many of the blog posts here :)
Let me know what you think of the platform when you join!

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I know you do, as I've seen it in other places ;)
Thank you for that,and yes I will let you know when I will join it. It seems easy to use.

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Shards! I knew I missed something in my review. Thanks for this! Let's get @torum trending!

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I am super glad I could use at least a little bit useful :)
Your review was so perfect, I was jealous of it!

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Hehe, thanks! It still needs improvements, though.

The most important thing is that people see real people interacting on the platform. And that it's growing!

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what's the difference between leo or hive?

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First of all, totally different interface & experience - Think crypto facebook.
You are able to share any status/link/photo etc
You are able to spread (share) other people statuses
You are able to send dms
You are able to send gifts (in XTM) and to claim your XTM daily when you log in / make a post etc
At the moment the XTM tokens are only usable in the platform to help its evolution / engagement. There are future plans to be shared soon

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Going to join with your referral support me in process :)

I will be happy to welcome you to Torum :)

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Why not just suggest me....

Really nice post :)
Happy to be an Ambassador to Torum too :)

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Hey bro, nice to see you over here too!

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Followed on this one...

Simple registration.
Modern UI ( quite ... familiar, but this is not bad )
Simple to use.
No complicated keys , no voting power , power up , power down , voting windows , backed dollars etc

Unlike Hive...

This is why Hive will not expand beyond our little ( very little ) bubble ...

Do I sound bearish about Hive ? I don't sound , I am ...

Leo ... A little less bearish because it serves a niche and people there get it more or less...

Anyway , we'll see how it goes ...

Cheers :)

wow, that's a good one @katerinaramm.

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Solid choise Katerina and I am more than happy to be working with you! Torum team is working really hard to deliver so let's work hard too and spread the word!

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