10-1 reasons why you should join Torum now

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Are you also overwhelmed by the many social media platforms? Are you everywhere? I think it is not easy to keep up with everything ..

but most of us have been here long enough to know you/follow you/respect you and to want to share my opinion with all of you.

I am a member of many social media channels with my katerinaramm account.
It took me a while to find my username, which is a mixture of my first and last name, and I use it for the last 3 years. Ever since, I signed up for a number of social media channels, and even though I do not use all of them - I do want to have my own experience about each of them.

Recently, I joined the new crypto-social media platform "Torum"
Not only I joined, but I also became their Twitter PR Ambassador
Or should I say Ambassadrice? Please tell me my French speaking friends :)


So in this post I am here to let you know my 9 reasons why I believe that you should also join (even if you do not have the time, the focus, the mood to start now)

At the moment Torum has more than 9K members, most of them crypto-oriented.


If you have been feeling hesitant about joining, or if you don't find time to do it, maybe you should read below!

1. Hold your username

You mostly use one username for all platforms/social media channels - right? So why not make an account on a new social media that is apparently growing fast?
Yes, I know .. who will go and make an account with your username. .. Well, I don't know? But my twitter & instagram are katerinnaramm1 - because someone else uses my username :(

If you are on Torum, find me at https://www.torum.com/u/katerinaramm

I know, you will say now .. Yes, but I will need to verify via telephone and i don't want to!
Let me tell you a secret. You don't need to. That will save Torum 75 XTM ;) My friend @trumpman has come but is still unverified and thats ok :)

2. Torum is a platform where you can easily share links!

In Torum it is so easy to share a link to your post, to other people's posts, to a twitter question/poll etc etc etc .. So why not take advantage of it?

I have shared my links of #leofinance, my friends' links, twitter links etc etc! I even got a few people to follow my crypto instagram lol

3. For Individual Users..

There is a whole crypto community out there! Will you be absent?

Yeah, ok - at the moment only 9300 people, some of which are not active all the time - but
Come on! This project is only a few months old and check out how far it has traveled! And its only the beginning. I think that crypto users needed a place where all other crypto-spaces could mingle.
All in all, it is a nice place to join other communities & to start your own!

4. For Individual Users or for Companies..

So what if you have a niche you like to talk about ... let's say .. airdrops?

You can build yourself a CLAN!

What is a CLAN? I would say something like a Facebook group :)

A clan community interacts mainly using thread, which is the combination of the post function of Reddit and the article writing function of Medium. You can use threads for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Writing articles,
  • Organizing an AMA,
  • Creating your crypto bounty program
  • And any suitable purpose according to your creativity

5. For Companies

If you have a crypto-focused business, you may consider creating a Company Profile


One of the projects already on the Company List is Banano
Did you know Banano? I just found out about it via Torum today :) I also followed then on publish0x, from a link they posted :)

See how all these come and match perfectly?


6. Direct Communication

I love the ease-of-use when there are private messages, they can solve a number of problems on-the-spot!
A few days ago, my friend @ervin-lemark signed up for Torum but had an issue and sent me a message at publish0x


He had some issues with whatsapp verification.. So I immediately messaged him via Torum and asked Jayson (@jayson9711) to assist, who immediately came to the rescue (Thank you Jayson!)


7. Easy accumulation of cryptocurrency!

Did I hear anyone say no to free crypto?
Well, in Torum you can join every day and earn some free XTM even if you don't want to post :)

There are the mission rewards that help you earn if you accomplish simple tasks on a daily/weekly basis


8. If you are an experienced crypto-user or someone who would like to enter the crypto-world

then this place is for you :) Easy to use, friendly people in the team and you can ask anything you want, or find information about many things!

My friend Emerson there posts great content, so I suggest that you give him a follow if you are on Torum!


Of course there are many many of my friends with amazing content - but the first who came to mind now was Emerson also posts some funny memes, so you get to learn (if you are a new crypto user) + laugh :)

9. Find answers to your questions

Or find that beautiful crypto-belly dancer you have been looking for and did not remember her name :))

Yes, you heard that right! Jayson (yes, him again), was looking for a girl who had danced the belly dance while she was singing some crypto stuff... He could not remember her name, so he asked the community to assist and guess what?

Someone did come to the rescue and Jayson found her :)

(Posting proof in case you don't believe me)



These some of the most important reasons I could think at this point. Others come to mind but they would make this post too big and also ... I would like to let you find out for yourself!

What I would like to tell you is that ..
Not everything is for everybody, I agree with that
But since we are here, since we have already spent time with a variety of platforms, we can easily see what's going on with a new one. We can try, see for ourselves and then judge and act accordingly.

To me, Torum is fun.. I already have thought of some actions I may take in the future, but let's see how it goes! So far, I am enjoying the ride :)

Thank you for visiting! I will welcome any feedback to my post!

Useful Links

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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I really like Torum however one horrible bug really put me off using their site.

I had this terrible bug which was whenever I wanted to write a post I'll write it but just before publishing I would get booted off and get an error and once I refresh the post I had written was wiped.

I contacted the team and waited months but still no fix I'm a little disappointed hopefully they fix it!

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Most of my effort goes to Hive, there is no other chain that has the speed or capabilities - let alone devs. Just looks like a copy and paste erc20 shitcoin like Uptrennd.

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Thanks for coming over :) To be very very honest I am daily on hive/leofinance and it is the place where I spend more of my digital time (mostly due to the content I read and to the comments I receive)
As I wrote in my post, not all platforms are for everybody! But I find torum a cool place to hang out and I felt that I had to share my opinion :)
Hive/Leo is a place where we can also share content for other platforms and I LOVE IT!
Thank you again :)

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I personally know Chris is why I commented on his remark. I had a similar problem with Uptrennd and the speed and the reloading and losing pages of content. It is a little more than mildly frustrating. If he is already saying this is happening before I go there? Not sure I ever will. erc20's aren't even blockchains, they're just smart contracts. But I'm no seer, maybe they're the future? Time will tell. Everything has massive potential in the right hands 😁

Everything has massive potential in the right hands 😁

For sure :)
Thanks for being a part of this conversation!

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Ecosystem takes time to build. If Hive do not have Steemit, will it have the network effect that the community enjoy today?

There is also a big difference in culture and concept between Torum and "Uptrennd, Hive & other crypto social platforms you ever heard of". While Uptrennd and Hive accepts all kind of genres and community, Torum is designed specially for cryptocurrency users. We pride ourselves as the first crypto-focused social media platform in the industry.

I do agree that XTM is a shitcoin now, because there is little utility in it. However, gamification and utility are what going to drive Torum and XTM in the next few months. We are always open to work with any crypto projects to see how we can collaborate together. For example, can our upcoming Mining Simulator accepts $HIVE as one of the payment coins to participate?

I don't agree with Hive's approach of generating more coins every minute. Look at where the utility goes for the past few months since it is launched. Call Torum, Uptrennd or any other social media project shitcoins if you like. But until Hive can climb its way up top, you got zero credibility of calling others shitcoins. Screenshot_1.png

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Steem was our birthplace, and if things had not happened the way they did, I imagine we would still be called Steem and not Hive. The main reason I feel it is a shitcoin, is it is nothing more than a second layer (maybe even third?) with no actual blockchain running itself and attached to an already deliriously slow network (Ethereum). Maybe 2.0 will be better, idk. There is no perfect method yet and maybe it'll be successful? Who knows? I doubt it though, with offering referral bonuses as that makes it look almost like an affiliate scheme and people don't usually go full board unless they're the top of the ladder with something like that. Or maybe I'm wrong.

There is a stagnant old way of thinking in Hive, I've been trying to open some eyes for a few years now, doesn't mean I'm giving up and moving on to a shiny object that can't compare to the scalability of Hive. And please don't confuse HIVE with Hive - Hive is the blockchain, HIVE is one of the tokens it leverages and produces.

And feel free to promote Hive on Hive. I am also sure that is a good way of expanding the reach of Hive project.

If everyone continues your way of thinking, Hive will be left out in the bull run. This is actually why Torum is formed in the first place. We want to create social media platform for projects to come and increase their exposure in an community that consists of mostly crypto users and enthusiasts.

I have been preaching collaboration with other projects ever since Torum was formed. Whenever Hivers come to Torum to promote anything (contents or Hive ecosystem projects), we accept everyone even when the context is not related to crypto or blockchain or finance.

The space is already small enough, it's up to us on how we want to promote the crypto social media ecosystem. Regardless of what you think of Torum, I will continue to preach for collaboration, for the sake of this ecosystem.

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I'm sure you don't mean me personally, because I'm all over the grid son. You are making assumptions now about who I am and what I do. I won't take it personally since you haven't done your homework.

And maybe you know what? Maybe it takes people like me and you seeing the flaws in both our systems to rise above and realize that we all need to work together in this cryptospace? The underlying goal of crypto will never be reached if we keep waving our dicks in the wind trying to see who can pee the farthest. The fact that you are here now, on Hive, says you are willing to expand your horizons and defend what you feel has potential. Find me on discord, I'd like to actually talk to you. Same name. Can even come to my server - https://discord.gg/6UJb5B6PQE

yeah most of my time goes into hive I tried uptrennd but it just felt slow and the comments were mostly bots not really much "community" discussion happening on it from what i felt. Hive blockchain is the best for me and that is why i devote the majority of my time towards it and when I'm not directly on hive I'm likely somewhat promoting it.

I'm not saying don't have other baskets with eggs in em, because I tried Uptrennd too. The one thing I liked least was that you had to spend your tokens to 'level up' instead of accumulating much of anything. I gave up on that. Lot have tried and failed. Some people like it, don't get me wrong, just not for me though. You like doing videos, are you on Library? Not plugging, just am there sometimes and only know about 3 or 4 from Hive. 😎

Hi Chris, I have responded to your problem in your post about it. I am very sorry for the terrible experience. I will personally give you an update on this, once it is fixed.

Thank you for the support!

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Thank you for letting me know, I informed the community manager and he will be checking on it asap.

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More info why you see this here.

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I am so honored!
You inspired one of my next posts .. you ll see :)

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Very cool!

A being an ambassador a paid job?

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Hi! Torum Ambassadors are given incentives in the form of XTM for promoting Torum. However, ambassadors are handpicked by Team Torum and there is no way to apply for it.
I am not sure what it happens in other platforms, I never was one for anything else :)

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I am very curious as to how you are paid, and how much you are paid, but understand if that is not information you would like to disclose.

I wonder a lot about getting paid in crypto and whether having international jobs is lucrative enough.

I am also curious, I am very new to this ;)
If you have any more questions, feel free to reach me on Discord!

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With everything you told me you convinced me a lot to join but when I entered I realized that they have not developed it for cell phones so I will have to wait a little but thank you very much for the recommendation when it is available for Android I will certainly open an account.

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Thank you for this feedback!
Yes, you are right! I have been using it from my laptop so it did not occur to me to mention it.. I will edit my post and put it in the text. Thank you again :)
p.s. The team are working on a mobile version to be released soon. I ll let you know!

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Thanks i'll wait.

Joined now under your link :)

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I appreciate it my friend!
I think that when it comes to any platform, we have the power to make them as high as our standards!
I am thrilled to have more great crypto friends over ...!

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Yes, have to agree 100%, it hangs up on us to make the best of our environment. I already like it in there as I see people like to interact. Thanks again for the tip

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Somebody's been busy, thanks for digging this up! Now if only I could find more time... :)

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Oh my friend .. that is my constant problem ...!
The thing is that as the time passes, time becomes even fewer - that is why we need to find ways to be effective in whatever we do :)

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Wonderfully done! Congrats Katerina!

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Solid motivations for keep an eye on Torum.

The problem is that I don't have much free time to enjoy it.

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Thanks for this I will be sure to check it out!

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Please make at least one post so that I can post about you :)
You can share any link, i.e. your leo posts!

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Ready, I just posted my Hive guide! Thanks a lot! 😺

hahaha belly dance :P

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Right! A belly dancing crypto goddess, let’s bring her to Leo!

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I actually sent her a message in twitter telling her about this post :)

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yes, yes!
I wonder how trumpman or the other gang have missed that!

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Belly Dance? Lol that cracked me :)
Ama go sign up, there's no need to talk much, And yes using your referral ;)

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