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RE: πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ I Finally Dove Into Cub DeFi 🦁 It's Never To Late To Earn Your First CUB πŸ“‰

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Me and you are in the same boat, I sold my airdropped CUB on Hive-Engine because I was so overwhelmed and don't like to jump into things I don't fully understand.

I would recommend diving into the BSC DeFi pool. We're limited to a point with how much curation and posting rewards we can get on Hive because it all requires time, something I'm short on these days.

I like to think this is like a supplement to Hive, and it feels good to finally spread my crypto holdings to something other than solely Hive. I'm here for any questions you may have should you want to take the plunge. !ENGAGE 10

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