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RE: The 75-25 rewards simulation and POB tax discussions.

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

No tax for native post sounds good, although even if there'll be tax at all 20% is huge, maybe 5% or something, so that at least there will be incentives for posting on the front-end. Sometimes I post on any end maybe Leo or POB sometimes I hardly consider these incentives personally. Although these would generally differ from people as sometimes I apprioprately post on POB end due to how it suits the content persay.
As for 50/50, I'm totally up for it because curators needs the incentive to curate on POB and investors needs the same to buy and this is how it is for every other tribe token. When it becomes lucrative to buy POB it means less liquidity in hive engine and co and as well it's good for prices. Wouldn't matter if an author earns 75% on a dipping token. So people would adjust to 50/50 and allow curators and investors to have a reason to even curatw in the first place. Many advantages to 50\50

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