Blockchain Projects Like Leofinance: The Future Of The Internet?

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The internet is a blessing because firstly it is a tool they build digital connection and of course makes the universe a smaller place. This means that accessibilty, speed and smartness are some of the features of the internet that man has benefitted greatly from.

As the internet evolves these features gets realer, people are brought closer and means are created through which people can share resources and build something finacially worthwhile.

These connection are of course meant to establish mutual benefit, business are done faster, interactions sells on a higher wavelength and you have a means through which communication is established and taken to other diversified level; pleasure, business, information, knowledge, peer to peer interactions of whatever intent and of course a social experience.

In Nigeria in the past, post office was a thing, where you deliver a letter through physical mail, but the advent of the internet came and
e-mail and Yahoo brought speed and efficiency

Purchasing, buying and selling no longer requires the four walls of a physical market, as you have opportunities to sell, resell, buy back, and categories of market segementation.

This means you easily build your business without bulkiness without looking for a suitable place to build, without the advent of the internet, there wouldn't be enough space for people to build and establish because excessive demand for space or a market will mean exploitation

Land is not unlimited and while the evolutionary activities of man keeps happening, the future will see scarcity of land and the internet makes it possible to move a business from the physical to the virtual space that is endless and of course dependable

When you take a look at dating sites for example, its a match making app that sells user's experience while creating a source of income or building a business enterprise for the owners while satisfaction is achieved by the users of the sites or app. But this is even just the beginning,

The Closer... The Better,

Irrespective of the advent of the internet
Blockchain projects and technology are examples of what the future of the web will be like. Currently you have the likes of Google pilfering into people's private internet life, monetizing it and holding the data of millions of people; either consciously or inadvertently and this is a blot or a downside to the web which of course will be replace by a different web.

...of a decentralised internet where complete ownership and management is obtainable. If you look at leofinance for example its a perfect example of what a decentralised web is.

This will be a thing in the future but for now you have a decentralised web, a blockchain where you don't just get a social experience, you get financial education, your earn for your inexperience provided it's relatable. You understand the crypto space, build a workable and trustworthy relationship with people you're close with but never physically met.

There's nothing closer than this. Many people bring their content on the table and it is consumed, accorded a feedback and value is given to the content and at the end of the day the content bringer and the consumer achieves a win-win situation.

Not only this, sometimes ago a virtual meetup of hivefest was held and like-minded people from all works of the blockchain, created a persona and were in attendance, it's like a small community howbeit spread all over and held firmly in a digital space. This is to show that the web will look like this in the future and people can build relationships that will be maximally beneficial without limits.

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Everyone is exploring Blockchain - even the Central Banks - keep aside the crypto side, technology wise, Blockchain is going to be the innovation of the Century.

Exactly, keeping aside the crypto aspect of it, a lot of government are understanding hiw blockchain technology is revolutionary. Its the innovation of the future

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Great post sir as always sir, yes google will sooner or later replaced and or may be they made there own decentralized web they are not going to leave this billion $ industry which they have in past years.

Exactly, thanks for your comment

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Dude, I hope one day I can live just from writing articles on the internet, playing play2earn games and investing. Also, I hope more opportunities to get crypto on the internet will increase in the future.

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We're already witnessing that, however the opportunities will explode in the future. We will have many many ways to benefit of a decentralised internet

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