It's Crypto Mondays - The FOMO & FUD Disease

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Do you suffer from FOMO?

The itch of FUD get the best of you?

In today's Crypto Monday.....We discuss how you can get cured forever!!!

Enjoy the show :)

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I'm kinda amused by the attention dogecoin gets. So, if it's a joke coin, its "use case" worked on me. :D

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Yeah it's funny, but hey...All publicity is good publicity?? lol

Lots of food for thought in this message for me! I'm currently at the stage of having to decide which projects to invest in.

As you said, Warren Buffet might not be the person you want to listen to when it comes to Bitcoin. But one thing I've heard him saying though (not about is 100% in line with what you are saying here. He stated that a huge portion (if not the biggest portion) of his working time, is spent just reading and studying financial reports of the companies he invests in. That is his job.

Turning to the crypto scene...that is exactly what you say we should be doing when investing in crypto coins/ your due diligence by reading and studying the blue papers and white papers. That is the work we should be doing. As @achim03 is saying...then we won't be speculating but we will actually be investing.

Thank you for an awesome message in this video. I'm going to watch this video a couple of times for the information to sink in properly!

I agree...I'll always do my homework into the projects I spend money into...That was my biggest issue in the last bull run...I just threw things against the wall.

That was my biggest issue in the last bull run...I just threw things against the wall.

Lol...that's an excellent way of describing it! Love it. But so we learn. I appreciate you sharing this information though, so guys like me can learn from that too and be better prepared. Thank you!

Emotions are the worst counsellors in matters of investments. That's why I only invest and don't speculate. Meaning I put my coins where they bring a return. The rest is only hoping that things go up lol

Awful....I've learned my lessons LOL

Great way of putting it, stop speculating into every coin lol

I thought the video was about FUD but it was more about engagement on chain. I do think its good to try to convince them to ask on chain since they can get paid doing so.

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Ummm....Don't think I mentioned engagement once lol

The message was that we fomo and fud in and out of projects...Instead of looking for the use case and sticking with things that have that?

I thought the entire CTPtalk thing was about engagement on the chain. You know the ask questions on chain and get rewarded.

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'Don't FOMO into things and don't FUD out of things'... well said. If this inflation panic keeps up, we might see a bit of FUD this week, i think.

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I'm sure we will...It's always an adventure in crypto LOL

I love these CryptoMondays ! Keep-em coming !

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Appreciate that, thanks very much for the comments!

I try not to let anything ruin my chill, especially crypto :)

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Very wise words!


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