#MyHiveGoals - The Markets...Make 0 Sense!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

So this week, it's been up and down on the markets...But even more so on Hive!

Seems like whenever Hive pumps, everything on Hive-Engine goes south...Almost like investors here have the attention span of gold fish and just move to whatever shiny object is in vogue today...

Seriously, Hive pumps...LEO dumps. It makes ZERO sense to me. But alas...That's why I'm just the dollar cost average dude but I'm also, paying attention to the news!

And there is something BIG coming to LEO very soon....More on that in a second :)

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

A slow and steady week on Hive...I didn't buy the dip earlier in the week, but still maintained to add some more Hive Power to the holdings...

Never going to complain seeing that graph above...Continue to rise :)

150,000 - 102,536.568 = 47,461.44 left to go

Hive is pumping right now, so it might get even harder to accumulate this token going forward...But the best thing about Hive...There are so many ways to 'get your Hive on!!!!'

20,000 LEO Power


I'm including both staked and liquid LEO this week because...

Of a little tweet sent out by @LeoFinance last week...In a nutshell, without getting into too many details, they said it would be a good idea to secure some liquid LEO.

That's all the convincing I needed LOL So I've been buying small chunks over the past few days...Something tells me, I'll be glad I did!

20,000 - 12,343.071 = 7,656.929 left to go (+ 250 liquid LEO)

ProjectBlank, Binance Chain rumors.....So much to be excited for when it comes to LEO!

100 Hive Rewards Per Day

Hive pumps will mean, accumulating 100 Hive a day will be harder in the future...And with the insane tax on @dcitygame right now, it's not looking like I'll be back on 100 Hive per day anytime soon.

So that just means...More building and stacking :)

47.49 Rewards from Creating
16.45 Rewards from Curation
2.891 Rewards from @dlease
5800 SIM Rewards from @dcitygame (Approx. 10 Hive)
10 Rewards from Misc.

Total Rewards = 86.83 Hive / Day

A nice bump from last week thanks to some very generous upvotes...Still stacking :)

25 Dolphins and Orcas In The CTP Swarm

I thought we'd get some more Dolphins into the ranks this past week, and not 100% sure if we did or not. So i'll maintain that there are 17 of us in the Swarm!

Regardless, I know there are SO many accounts so close to hitting that Dolphins threshold....

You guys are awesome!!!

How about the CTP Token??

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png

LOL Ol' faithful!

The CTP Token continues to stay the course...With some growth this past week and very healthy volume every day....So cool to see how CTP is becoming more of astable coin than HBD LOLOL Just kidding ;)

Our Token:



Our Miner:



Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:


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Seriously, Hive pumps...LEO dumps. It makes ZERO sense to me

honestly man, sometimes like this one i don't get it either. In an hour i see leo from 50 cents to 70 and then to 60 :P

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Yeah people seem so worried about catching a wave, they forget to pull back and look at the big picture. lol

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In the long run, it will make sense, but we are here in the short run. HODL.

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Yup yup!

Never taking time off the HODL plan lol

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Good Luck Bro

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Thanks very much, appreciate that :)

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layer 2 tokens go south, more cheap LEO for you! haha

Nothing but facts sir!

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As you say just DCA!

I'm done with paying attention to markets!

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Oh man, its such a roller coaster...I don't know how people remain sane on the markets LOL

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Not bad! Higher prices will for sure slow things down a bit in terms of buying fresh new Hive Still a good long play IMO though. Just heard a bit about the first airdrop in 3 days and looks like we need to crash course DeFi lol

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Dude...It's killing me LOLOL

I seriously think my lack of knowledge of DeFi has hurt...Time to buckle up and get the learning cap on!!!

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Same I'm going to be diving into that and ADA here today so I'm not so clueless lol

Forgive my ignorance, new around here. What exactly is LEO? Is there some reading you can point me to for learning?

Yup, for sure..

https://leofinance.io is a front end for the LEO token and community.

You can learn all about it here: https://leopedia.io/

We also did a short tutorial about it in https://www.thehiveguide.com

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Awesome! Thank you.

I've been watching the hive guide videos. Pretty cool.

When I got to the end of Module 1, Lesson 1 there is a link to join Hive but it never actually lets me 'complete' the lesson. So it doesn't open the next lesson. Not sure if I am missing something there or if that is a bug of some kind.

I F12 edited the disabled button on the next video and continued anyway, so I'm on Module 2, Lesson 2 at this point. Just thought I'd mention that oddity before I call it a night.

Thanks again for the awesome resources!

When things get cheaper, its time to buy :)

That said, I wonder if diesel pools are going to do for Hive what BSC did for BNB. Fingers crossed!

We're not sold on Diesel pools for us yet...Market makers seem to be a better game plan for liquidity. And with less risk.

Then again, I'm just learning this stuff. LOL

Awesome write up and you are killing it on your goals! The market is killing me man. People jumping all over. I’m just sitting in what I have.

That's all I'm doing and even buying in more...I'll never get the hoping around...I guess people make a few bucks here and there but alas...My goal is always...Stack and get paid by the dividends and recurring payments coming in. Never selling lol

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I do wish to become a dolphin in the ctp community.
How much ctp token does it require to hit the spot Btw...

You can look at the inofficial rankings for CTP here: https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@achim03/how-many-ctp-tokens-to-become-a-whale

For Dolphin you would need about 800 CTP tokens.

Oh okay.
Thanks for the info.

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Dolphin on CTP....Geeez I suck, @achim03 did a post about it....All the ranks etc..

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Leo Price is no longer tied to Hive instead it more tied to ETH. Unless there is not enough volume in HE, nobody arbitrage it from wLEO pool , if it looks good volume in HE, someone just convert wLEO to LEO and dump in Hive-Engine.

So Hive pump, ETH do not pump , you will see drop in Leo price in HE, a good opportunity to buy LEO in HE .then,

That's what I did last week for sure.

Saw the dip, snatched up a few :)

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We diversification helps. The fact that Hive rises while many secondary tokens drop sort of makes sense to me. I seen secondary tokens $usd value is stable but hive conversion is where it changes. This seems reasonable to be a good way to trade Hive into secondary tokens I want to hold long term.

I am pretty diversified on Hive Engine...But you are right, they are all tied together.

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I have considered HIVE and LEO a long-term hold so whether or not the price swings or not, I haven't care as much. However I do believe the quote I hear all the time that the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. So the dollar cost average strategy you have is definitely the best way to stay away from the madness.

All the news is nice and the snapshot date has also been announced. Hopefully some more details about the new LP comes out soon otherwise I am staking everything before the snapshot.

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Yeah I have some liquid, but if it's too confusing, I'll just stake it all LOL

Easy peasy!

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