#MyHiveGoals - 44 Years Ago...

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020 1.png

So it's my birthday, I'm 44....And I feel....44 LOL

I've gone through a few 'technological ah-ha' moments in my life....Growing up within the dot com boom, the birth of social media and now....The blockchain!

And I'm SO grateful I'm here for this amazing time in history. I truly believe the efforts we put in today, will have last results for the years to come.

Let's see how we did this week!

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

Not a bad week at all, and here's the best news...

150,000 - 105,141.92 = 44,858.08 left to go

We're UNDER 45,000 Hive power left to go!!!

Excited to hit this milestone and hope to speed up the process...Still amazed how far this little account has come since late 2017 :)

20,000 LEO Power


A decent week in LEO, but still a ways off from my goal of 20k by the end of the year!

20,000 - 12,865.17 = 7,134.83 left to go

My CUB Finance addiction is still playing a big role in my lower than normal weekly totals here...But hey, CUB or LEO, you can't go wrong ;)

Dollar Cost Average Into Hive-Engine Projects

This week I purchased:


And after this week's buys I'm at....

6860 @he-index
807.150 @brofund
399 @utopis

The longer these are being built up, the better I feel :)

100 Hive Rewards Per Day

I'm excited to see how I did this past week, as I got quite a few bumps via some generous upvotes from the Hive community:

42.86 Rewards from Creating
15.72 Rewards from Curating
2.542 Rewards from @dlease
6000 SIM Rewards from @dcitygame (Approx. 9.66 Hive)
10 Rewards from Misc.

Total Rewards = 80.78 Hive Per Day

Nice bump from last week and we'll see if we can keep it up over the next 7 days!

25 Dolphins / Orcas In The CTP Swarm

GOAL REACHED - April 2, 2020

Stay up to date with all the news from the CTP Swarm by following both @clicktrackprofit and @ctpsb

Now let's take a look at the price of the CTP Token...

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 4.png

Ummm...A good time to buy???

Oh Hive-Engine, if only people stayed the course with all these projects....

As for me, I HODL ;)


Our Token:



Our Miner:



Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:


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Looking good! That Leo goal seems to be coming faster and faster! Happy 44th!!!

Yeah Leo has given me lots of hope

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Thanks man!

Those 44 years went by quick lol

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Happy bday, hive daddy!

Thanks very much Uncle SIM!

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Happy Birthday!! 🎂🎉 44 is the new 34.

Those HE tokens have a lot of potential especially if they don't get abandoned. That's probably the biggest risk.

LOL I keep telling myself that too!

The new 34!!

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It's nice to have goals I am also making a chart or you can say I'm setting goal for next few months on hive

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Small goals, repeated over time...Turn into big things!

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Happy birthday. Well the good thing about CUB is that you can always use some of the returns and turn them back into LEO if you need to. Though it would best to keep it compounding in Cub Finance though.

Everything is kind of down right now so I am not surprised CTP's price is down as well.

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Yeah, people tend to not have long term vision when it comes to crypto...Trying to flip for profits every second of the day!

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Happy birthday! Now I know why you're so, so awesome- coz you're also an April baby!😁

We're lucky to have lived through 80's, 90's and 20's and witness lots of technological a-ha's. This colorful floppy disks, the CRT monitors, DOS, first time using a mouse, mIRC, etc.

Hey, don't get over excited. You're still 3 years ahead of me, okay. Lol.

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Me too I was born on 27 april

Posted via proofofbrain.io

That's in 2 days! Advanced happy birthday greetings to you! Fist bump to us awesome April babies. 👊


ha ha ha Yeah great decades for sure, and we were thrown into technology...Which most of us embraced lol

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Big Happy Birthday man, only 6 years to 50 and another milestone, and great to see your awesome progress with your Hive goals too, enjoy your Sunday.

Urgh don't remind me LOL it's coming up quick!

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lol 😂

That's some great work.

Thank you sir, hope you are doing well!

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on the mend, thank you. To celebrate I am giving away Hive on my posts this week.

Congragulation for your big goals in hive power ,Leo power

I am also going to set one

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Happy birthday 🥳 @jongolson

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Happy birthday, I hope you will celebrate many more on this blockchain :)

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Happy birthday, and thanks so much for my lucky number win!!!

Sorry I'm a little late... Happy Birthday, Jon!

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