Late To The Party...Again! I Just Discovered Nexo & Celsius

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Late To The Party...Again! I Just Discovered Nexo  Celsius.png

One thing can be said about Jongo....He's always fashionably late to the party!

These past few months I've finally 'jumped into' @splinterlands and @dcitygame after they have both been on the blockchain for quite sometime...

I'm sure down the road I'll finally have an 'ah ha' moment and dive into DeFi. Maybe, if I can ever figure out wth a liquidity pool even means lol

Recently, I discovered crypto lending....

And how the heck did I not know about it sooner?

For those of you, like me, who don't always stay up to date with the coolest aspects of the crypto world, let me briefly explain...

WTH Are They?


These are two of the more popular crypto lending platforms online...Along with BlockFi and (I haven't tried them out...Yet lol)

And they basically lend out crypto to people looking to tap into the exciting roller coaster that is the crypto space. Of course, you can use the loans for whatever you wish, but generally, people try to flip the loans into more crypto.

Way above my pay grade and honestly, debt isn't something I'm a fan of.

But what they also do is...Provide a high interest savings account for your crypto!

Check this out...


Nexo can give you up to 12% APY on some of the crypto you deposit into this platform.

Now, it will depend on many factors like how much you hold of their native Nexo token (if you hold 10% of your portfolio in Nexo tokens you get maximum interest), they also pay much higher interest on stable coins and even pay you interest on some global currencies as well.

So while they say 12%, it's closer to 4-8% with the potential to go as high as 12%.

Looking over this platform, I can safely say...They are trying to become the 'lending bank' for the crypto world and seem to be doing a good job of it...

Heck, I even read their white paper from front to back and dove into some Nexo tokens myself.


And then there's Celsius...


This has been the darling of the lending space for a few months now and the Celsius token has taken on a life of it's own...

What makes this platform so unique?

The team behind it plays a massive role in it's reputation but it's also a mobile only solution....

And some of the lending rates have the lowest fees online...

But again, I'm not after the loans...What about the interest?


It's got some very good numbers at first glance, but remember...These are the maximum amounts you can earn...Depending on how much CEL tokens you hold. The more you hold, the higher interest you get.

Base rate is around 4-5% depending on the coin or token.

Speaking of which, when it comes to selections....Celsius lets you earn from a MASSIVE portfolio of choices...Which can be very attractive to some people.

Are They Safe?

Not your keys, not your coin!

They are custodial wallets so you do give up your keys when sending the crypto to each platform.

That being said, while it's not Fort Knox, they both have some pretty great security as well as the ability to insure your crypto (in Nexo's case) of up to 100 million USD.

Sounds great and all...But it's always a risk when you use a third party like this...But if you are holding your crypto on Uphold or Coinbase, guess how much they are paying you?


So it's a personal decision, but if you do choose to use these platforms do NOT put all your eggs in one basket!

The Verdict

I think they are both pretty cool platforms and I'm a little annoyed that I didn't learn about them sooner LOL

Getting set up on both platforms does require a KYC and it was a very easy onboarding process. It literally took minutes to get set up.

And what I have been doing is dumping the Bitcoin Cash I have been earning with Noise.Cash into Nexo and earning 6% APR on it...

To me, that's a win!

I just recently dove into Celsius and have only brought a few stable coins over..But at 10% already with the potential to go up to 13% or higher, that's another win in my books.

These platforms open up the crypto world to so much potential...And even though they are relatively new forms of 'banking' I can see how this becomes quite popular in the coming years.

When it comes down to it...I ask myself...

How much is my bank giving me for holding my money with them? Next to nothing....

I'll gladly take 6-10% right now on a few crypto tokens I'm earning every day.

I won't bring all my crypto over, but the little bit I'm earning everyday, it's nice to get some interest pay on it!

What do you think?

What's your experience with either of these platforms and have you been using them at all?

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You should read my posts, hehe.
I using Nexo more than two years. Great and growing service.

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Oh man, I suck!

I should have for sure...No idea about these things until literally 2 weeks ago LOL

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Using and Celsius myself. And I do believe both of them also have that 100k insurance. Using both is a way of "not putting all eggs in one basket", thow I believe in crypto space, these are as safe as it gets. And the card is enough to convince me; I did the upgrade for a higher tier card a few months ago. Free spotify, netflix, airport lounge, 3% cashback AND still a 10% apy on the staked CRO?? How not to join in? ;)

Yeah one of the bad things about being in Canada...No access to any crypto based cards yet.

Missing out on a lot it sounds like :(

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I believe that sooner or later they will get there; and probably more on the sooner side! In fact, will start to roll out the virtual card soon... I wounder if that feature could be used in countries where the physical card hasn't arrived yet.

Yeah this country generally is crypto friendly, just for whatever reason the crypto debit cards dont seem to be allowed here yet.

It's coming. Soon I hope lol

I have been using Nexo for more than 2 years. So far, I have not experienced any kind of problem. Besides, I received 2 or 3 dividens + compounding interest.

Yet, whatsoever is served, we need to allocate a limited percentage of our portfolio so as to reduce the risk we take. Not your keys, not your coins. Keep risk low and benefit from the platform with a specific plan to earn ^^

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That's my thinking as well...Just enjoying the Bitcoin Cash I've been earning from Noise.Cash in there too lol

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I'm never a fan of something with a fixed interest rate. Things change and happen that will always adjust this rate and if not well that's a BIG RED FLAG for me.

I also don't like giving up my keys it's far too risky IMO.

What's preventing someone to not default on the loan or become delinquent on the loan? Being that it's crypto I'm going to say there's little to no repercussions.

I know nothing fully about it though but those are my initial thoughts or questions that come to mind.

You don't lend directly. The platform does. I get you on not trusting an entity with your keys. Also, interests are adjusted from time to time, they are not fixed (except for's 'term deposits'), nor you have any say in what the rates are. You can only leave if you don't like new rates.

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Yeah some big concerns for sure. I think they change the rates depending on the markets...Not in there long enough to see any changes.

Yeah the loaning is all done by the platform, and you can only get a loan out for like 50% of the crypto you have in custody.

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I'm on both Platforms and Gemini as well. I think it's a good idea to spread out your Coins/Tokens amongst a few Platforms in case 1 has any issues. I've take a loan out from Celsius and by paying the interest in $CEL my rate was .7% . I used the money to fund my Roth IRA and used the rest to leave on Celsius and put into $CEL & $USDC to earn interest. After Cel shot up to $6 I paid my loan back in full with my IRA funded and profit in $CEL token to spare ! My payouts on both platforms are gaining nice momentum and I'll have a nice passive income by the end of this Bull Run into the Bear Market.

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Urgh sound like that was perfect timing....Very nice!!!

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I like the idea of earning interest on my crypto but I'm not sure I'm ready to trust these type of platforms yet.

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Yeah they have only been around for a few years, so they do have a lot to prove.

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Better late than never! But definitely wouldn't recommend putting a substantial sum on them given the risk. A little bit is fine.

Nah, mostly it's all Bitcoin Cash right now from Noise.Cash earnings. Nothing major...Wanna see how it goes for a bit :)

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I am also not sure that I will go for interest by lending my crypto. But so far they are doing great for many people.

Yeah it's definitely not for everyone! Lots of concerns for sure.

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I'm still pretty ignorant when it comes to crypto. My knowledge is pretty much wrapped up in my limited exposure through faucets and using the HIVE blockchain.

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole 'lending crypto' thing. I might look into it, but definitely with small amounts. I do like the idea of diversifying where my crypto holdings are housed, so this might be a good addition to that strategy.

Yeah, it's a way for me to look into different ways to earn...Passive income is always something that fascinates me LOL

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I don't use nexo and celsius but I did put a little bit into Blockfi before. I only put in what I can lose and I am looking to sell half eventually when BTC prices shoots to the moon and let the rest ride.

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LOL Nice nice...Yeah BlockFi is the other one everyone recommends too.

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Yes the interest is less compared to Nexo and Celsius. However considering the fact that I converted some Fiat into BTC at 11k, I'm in the green and the interest will add up over time. It's a small amount of my investments so in the worst case, Blockfi is a corporation so I should at least get back fiat equivalent of my BTC.

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I just sent you some LUV tokens. You're not late there.

Sweet, need to look into that for sure !

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I think I started to use Nexo the same day as you. I've seen some people talking about it on and decided to have a deeper look at it. Of course there is always a certain risk with such platforms. I decided to give it a try by simply sending my income to nexo. I've opted for nexo coin interests and it's starting to accumulate. I kind of like it but I wouldn't deposit huge amounts.

LOL That's exactly why I looked into it...Noise.Cash lol

Yeah same here, nothing massive...But it is cool to get some kick back!

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Celsius is banned in Germany because our regulators are idiots but Nexo I use a lot.
You can set Nexo as BCH Wallet on by the way. No more fees and sweet interest all in one :-)

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LOL Governments know best....They are protecting you!!!! lol

Loving the Noise -> Nexo experience so far!

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Going to give these a look and possibly a try. Need someplace to start storing away some crypto so that it can do something for me rather than let it sit in a wallet somewhere doing nothing. Bookmarked for future reference.

For sure man, I mean I've got some ideas on how this can be used in...A platform you are very familiar with ;) Stay tuned!!

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Of the platforms you mentioned (nexo, celsius, blockfi and, I still haven't tried celsius. I'm thinking about it, but having another platform where I need to buy their own token is not such a great incentive.

For this reason I like blockfi, because they have no token of their own.

Nexo has a wider variety of coins available than blockfi, no fees and some of the best exchange rates, most likely. With Nexo coin above 10% of your portfolio, there are great interests too. has a variety of features. I have mostly used the Visa card for 2% cashback and two features called supercharger and the syndicate (the later only available on its exchange - must join separately for this one), both of them give you bonus or discounted tokens that are listed on

Leave me a link to celsius, in case I decide to join.

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awesome man. will do.

i hate that canada doesn’t allow for crypto based cards. so many benefits!!

here’s the link ;)

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i hate that canada doesn’t allow for crypto based cards.

It's not crypto-based cards, at least not the ones from

They are classic VISA cards, but you can top them up with fiat or crypto. The cards are in USD, EUR or whatever.

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Sounds like a really good find. It feels late now but there are still billions of people who don’t have a satoshi yet. Lol

It’s good to know that that’s a project that can be attractive to people long term too and not just the early investors...

But being late keeps you from getting rug pulled and scammed, so keep finding those quality projects man!

That's my thinking too....SO many people are still brand new to this. Might as well jump in now LOL

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I've been using Nexo for a while. It was the easiest of these kinds of platforms to get into. I also got pretty lucky, invested $500 on the Nexo token and $500 stable coin right after the last dividends. Plus transferred some stray BTC and ETH and other coins. My portfolio has basically gone from about $1200 to almost $7500 without me doing much of anything. The Nexo token dropped after the dividends payout. So I got it pretty cheap. It has gone up a ton lately because of a lot of the things they've updated in the system. I've also earned about $65 in interest.

I'm not real sure what will happen going forward but I feel like at the very least the Nexo token is going to go up again when they announce the next dividends.

The system itself is also pretty nice. Especially now that they've added their own exchange to it. Still hoping they add more coins to the list.

Another thing I like about it is they actually listen to you and ask for your opinions. They send out surveys regularly. And you can vote on the next coins to be added. And soon, there will be more to vote on, though they haven't released a ton of details about that yet.

I think Nexo overall is a good platform and the token itself will continue to grow as they build up new features and make big announcements.

Still waiting on the card though... been years of early access at this point haha.