4 Days Later...INDEX Is Doing INDEX Things!

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The whole idea for the INDEX token came from...My inability to understand...Options, puts, TA, calls, stop / loss...

You know...All the stuff most people in crypto salivate over.

I'm a simple guy. I like simple things...It's why I'm so attracted to this blockchain because no matter how many bells and whistles there may be behind the scenes...I can USE this stuff. Everyday. Without needing a PHd in computer science to figure it all out.

Same thing when it comes to investing. I like simple.

And to me, the simplest ideas ever in investing were these;

Dollar cost averaging into positions.

Buying the Index.


I'm not sure when something will rise or fall. So when I dollar cost average into things...I'm protecting myself from massive swings PLUS taking the emotion out of it.

Buying the index always made sense because, I never knew what made a good stock or a bad one. I couldn't real financial reports from all those companies...So I just bet on the index. Plus the fact that historically fund managers could ever get the kind of returns an index did, so...Keep it simple.

So why not bring that same kind of simplicity to crypto.

That's why the INDEX was built.

For the crypto enthusiast who believes in the projects found on Hive-Engine! But doesn't want to study every single coin and community.

It allows them to get into the market, without having to 'play' the market.

And it looks like the blockchain agrees :)

We've had quite the launch!

It's been 4 days now since INDEX was launched and we've hit $1000 in volume 3 of the 4 days.

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 1.png


We've also been as high at #4 on Hive-Engine and LeoDex...And we're sitting in 6th place right now when it comes to volume!

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 1.png

So exciting!

And we're just getting started.

The big plans for this token and project are to literally...Index the entire market. But we needed to start with the 10 amazing tokens we did. What awesome projects and awesome communities in each. We're so happy to have chosen these to help launch INDEX.

So what's on the agenda for the token?

Right now, we've been fine tuning the curation rewards to make sure when 7 days is up, we'll give everyone the best possible returns. But we're still learning what formula will work best.

Some holders have already started to receive SIM rewards which is great!!!

We'll also be working on the HE-Index.io page to give more information of distribution of tokens etc...So many exciting things coming!

But for now...It's fine tuning things and making sure INDEX works exactly like we envisioned! Massive shout out to @blainjones and @achim03 for their amazing work with this project.

And special thanks to all you that have believed in this vision like we do.

INDEX is crypto for the rest of us :)

As always, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the INDEX experience for you.

Better yet, swing by the CTP Community on Discord..And let's talk INDEX!


I am glad to see updates so soon. Good job. That inspires more confidence from the holders of the token.

Keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.

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We've got plans to even build a little mailing list or maybe do regular updated via the @he-index account with regular updates on the prices of each token, and INDEX...Keep people up to date.

So many things we've got bubbling!

Great Project.
Will INDEX be sharing curation rewards for each coin it hold?
Also Waht about coinds like Bro and anyothers which pay dividends?

Yup, it'll pay 80% to token holders every single penny we get coming in via curation and mining rewards. And yes, BRO as well :)

This is going to be great. Just need to get some more index token 👊

Slow and steady :) That's the game plan for this!

i am really happy with the development of the project! so many people came on board so fast, mentions about index everywhere and from known to Leo and Hive people!

I also really like the fact that you already started updating and informing us without losing time or waiting!! This shows how much you believe in this project and how committed to work hard ware you!

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Updates and communication are vital to user/investor confidence.

Without that, all is lost.

It is another thing that sets Leofinance apart from so many other projects. We see posts a couple times a week from the main account.

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Huge and important point Tasky, when there's no communication in a project, it's says to me that there is no interest from the creator.
I'm enjoying this new upswing in the blockchain's fortunes and the renewed sense of optimism it's brought, mainly due to Leo and one or two others.
The excitement is even rubbing off into me!

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100% agree!

Thanks for joining our Discord too today btw, appreciate it :)

Leo is on a whole other level, not only weekly posts, weekly video, updates, implementations, answering to questions! A real example for every other tribe and token

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It is a model for others to follow. Hopefully some will pick up on it soon.

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Oh I'm on the chain about 25 out of 24 hours of the day LOL

Nah I completely agree...One of the biggest head scratchers I've ever seen on Hive is how projects get massive support, but the leaders of it never answer or engage with the community.

Guaranteed, I'll bug you guys regularly LOL

I invested in some tokens, we will see how the project develops over time, I think that it owes that increase in investment to leofinance ha, I hope more for ctp too

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We'll eventually get CTP added. But it was important for us to show everyone we aren't being biased and sticking CTP in immediately. We need to earn our place on INDEX :)

Thanks a lot for the shout out. I'm amazed how this Index took off. Very happy to be part of the team :-)

Pretty good start...Now we just need to get those rewards pumping in and sky's the limit :)

For the crypto enthusiast who believes in the projects found on Hive-Engine! But doesn't want to study every single coin and community

That's me lol.

We'll also be working on the HE-Index.io page to give more information of distribution of tokens etc...So many exciting things coming!

I was about to request this. It already has basic required info but how much it earned daily type of info would be great.

I was fortunate enough to get here early and buy some . Will be buying more soon.

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Thanks so much! Yup, we're discussing what is the best way to do it...We think multiple times a week, just going over the numbers on a post will help people see everything and how it's coming along.

This is a great start.

The big plans for this token and project are to literally...Index the entire market

It will be a great challenge, Need of lot of filtering with scam token and some very low volume or no volume token.

Absolutely. We're monitoring it all. We won't make big moves with additions until we are sure the token is solid and the INDEX is solid too.

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