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RE: #allin1 --->>> DOGE's Market Manipulation. Blockchain Projects Approval Risks! Cardano's Founder Calls Dogecoin a "Danger Bubble"

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The bubble might burst but DOGE looks like it stopping at nothing to hit $1

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@joetunex...If I were a new investor and wished to put some usd into DOGE would that be OK to do it now?

I wouldn't advice you put money in DOGE now it looks like buying at the top though I wish it reaches $1 so I can dump the few I have.

Unless you want to gamble on some quick profits then you can pick up some and ge ready to dump

Just my opinion though not an advice 😃

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Thank you for your advice, I will pass it on to one of my good lady friends later tonight when we talk.

You're welcome

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