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RE: The Most Boring Form Of Crypto Investing

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It is true what you say about some people being good with charts and numbers, but these are usually also the people who really put in the time to study the patterns and history of the charts. They never open positions on impulse.

The image in this post is really a good representation of the bigger picture. All those elements for the "typical investor" point to the facts of(1)FOMO and then (2)hope it's going to work.

If you base your investment strategy on "hope" fueled by hype, you might as well go to the casino...

But because my strategy for investing into crypto has been this...

  1. Dollar coast average
  2. Buy and HODL
    Nothing sexy...Nothing exciting. Just super boring habits that one day, I hope pay off big time....

I like your strategy. Slow and steady. It gives you enough time to "test the waters" and decide if it's safe to continue building or rather get out.


Yeah and I mean for me...I tested the waters on Hive (Steem) way before I put a penny into it.

That's what is so cool about this blockchain...You can learn first and then invest.

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