Dcity 70% discount - are you buying the dip?

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The sim token price for the game dcity is currently 70% below its normal peg.

That is because there are people selling their sim tokens for this price.

So, should you like others panic sell your dcity investment? Or is this the dip you should use to get in?

As an investor I like to buy when others sell, so I’m still buying and investing. Are you as well?

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I'm right there with you buddy! I call times like these "shaking the tree" to see who decides to hang on and who decides to cut and run.

I'll be picking up more on a regular basis and using it to buy cards helping me to move up the ranks as well. Stay the course! :)

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Nice, I just saw that Gerber said in discord that 3rd edition will come in March 90% chance.

1st edition cards will be ended very soon.

I think the loss of the easy (and cheap) availability of those cards will cause some to wish they had gotten more sooner. I bought a few yesterday and plan to continue buying.

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I agree, I’m curious what will happen to the prices for basic homes, luxury homes and apartments for instance.

At some point the buyers will start to outnumber the sellers, which should drive up the price quickly.