Invest4free (passive) investment - weekly update

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My weekly passive income statement for invest4free - Let me show you how you can get a good ROI as a small investor.
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I started this account to be able to show that you can become an investor for free through being active on Hive. So far I have been able to collect a nice amount of Hive and hive-engine tokens, but it is time to start making smart investment decisions and share those with you. Since that is what I started this account for, to help you grow when your account is still small. Showing you how to do it, as I am learning that myself.

Hive power curation APR

Currently I have 290 Hive power and 100 Liquid Hive power (LHP tokens) on hive-engine. LHP is a cool project by @cardboard, the creator of @tipu. When you buy an LHP token on Hive-engine, you receive a delegation of 1 Hive power. Since I bought 100 of them, I now receive a 100 Hive power delegation fully automatically. When I sell the tokens, then I loose the delegation as well. The benefit is that I now am able to sell these tokens in seconds, while still getting Hive power as long as I hold them. So I don’t have the 13 week power down cycle. A very nice project that I wanted to try for myself.

Unfortunately currently does not display the curation APR for my account. Probably due to the changes from Hard fork 24. But I suppose my APR is still around 8-9%.

Luckily there are far more interesting ways to grow for a small account that does not get 20% APR through curation yet.

Mpath token

The Mpath token is the ideal investment token for people who create content regularly. Just by holding the token you will get upvotes from the MAP FinTech project run by @rycharde. Check the blog from the @mpath account for more info and go to the discord channel link in the blogs if you have any questions.

I currently hold a bit more than 75 Mpath tokens and this gives me upvotes for 1 blog per day of about 0,11 Hive. Obviously I get only 50% of that. If nothing changes, and that is a big if in cryptoland, then getting this for 365 days, means that I will get 20,9 Hive in author rewards. Mpath tokens currently cost 0,6 Hive on hive-engine, so my Mpath tokens are worth about 45 Hive. So the return on my investment (ROI) is about 46% through these upvotes. This is a lower return that I previously got. It looks like the ROI on small amounts of Mpath is higher. Probably because it is harder to give really small upvotes, then a bit bigger ones.

However, this is not all. When you hold Mpath tokens, then you also get dividends in Mpath tokens. The week before last week I got 0,057 Mpath and I think that was based on 35 Mpath. In my next update I will be able to be more accurate. But lets say that it was 35 Mpath, then this weekly dividend was about 0,1%. Multiple that by 52 and you are looking at a 5% ROI as a bonus on top of the upvote value. And then I haven’t even looked at the compounding effect of these dividends in Mpath, which will sligthly increase your next weeks dividends as well.

Maybe be my math is a bit off and perhaps it is not as profitable for bigger amounts of Mpath. As in the blogs @rycharde usually mentions an ROI percentage in the range of 25-30%, but for a small account that hopen to increase the upvotes for their content, I highly recommend stacking some Mpath. You need at least 1 full Mpath to start receiving upvotes, which currently costs only 0,6 Hive. This is a really good deal if you as me.


I currently have about 58 DHEDGE tokens, a few days ago I compared the results from two weeks for my other account @elbrava and came to the conclusion that the initial 7% ROI already has gone up to 10% ROI. Which is very nice. Let’s see how this develops and grows.

It is a really cool project, since you can contribute to it by sending tokens to @discohedge, which will then be added to the fund to generate income, while you get DHEDGE tokens in return.

The rewards for holding DHEDGE tokens comes to you in liquid Hive, so that is nice. You can sell it, convert it or power it up. Whatever you like.


EDS, or Eddies earners is run by @spinvest and is another token that will generate liquid hive for you. A 12% ROI is promised, and by my calculations I got slightly more than 12% ROI indeed. So it looks like a solid investment.


I sold my BRO tokens at a profit a while back, when it wasn’t really clear where the project was going. But the last blogs and reports in the discord server have been very interesting to say the least. BRO tokens are now 5 Hive, so that is quite expensive. Also in their discord was announced that the liquid hive rewards are going to be replaced by Leo/SIM/BEE dividends. As soon as I get those, I will ofcourse start calculating the ROI.


  • @leo.voter, although you don’t get that much Leo from it anymore, since it rewards in Leo tokens and currently everyone is trying to get their hands on some Leo tokens, still the ROI is around 15%.

  • @accelerator, this could be one of the best opportunities for delegation. I will have to calculate the ROI on this one, but it should be really high. You get rewarded in M token’s and it is also a project by MAP FinTech.

  • @tipu, tipu does not give you the best ROI, but it is a really cool project and is by far the easiest way to earn liquid hive for your hive power. It is much, much easier than dlease. You delegate some hive power and immediately you start getting hive rewards. Want to do something else with your hive power? Simply undelegate and the hive rewards will stop, but not before you got a nice thank you notice along with a 0,001 Hive payment in your wallet from @cardboard. Simple liquid Hive rewards, no strings attached.

  • @thisisawesome, is my latest delegation for passive returns. I didn’t find the time yet for calculating returns, but it should be pretty good. More on that in future reports.

Future idea’s

  • @hivehustlers, a promising project with an outrageous energy and lot’s of ideas down the line.
  • @ctpsb, perhaps not the best income generator. But I like it a lot, since it is a community account for the CTP swarm that has the goal to help all members grow into Hive dolphins and beyond.

I will likely delegate 10 Hive to each of them and then slowly increase the amounts as my account grows, while I will obviously favour the ones that give the best ROI.

If you know of any other tokens that I definitely should check out, or projects that I should delegate to. Then do let me know and I will include them in my portfolio and report on their ROI for a small investor.

Thank you for reading and do let me know if you have any questions, if you know of other cool projects or if you appreciate this kind of information.


Thank you for letting me know about these opportunities! Now I'll have to take my time to research them thoroughly!

Have a nice day!

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Good luck with that, just start small and see what you like best!

Thanks for sharing your results... I have tried some of these that you have listed before, and there are some gems... ThisIsAwesome in planned for slow growth, but it got some huge delegation, so ROI has dropped a bit, but I think it will come back through time...

Regarding HiveHustlers, I have invested in the beginning to miners, but also in tokens... They have planned a lot of things that should made some profits, but unfortunately, there are no results for some time... I know that there is potential, but don't know what is the problem...


I think that for hive hustlers there are way too many people with loads of miners dumping the token as they receive it.

That brings constant selling pressure.

Use case is what is needed to change things around. At the moment you can only use it for the tax thing they built. Which is mostly interesting for people from the USA if I’m correct.

I think that for hive hustlers there are way too many people with loads of miners dumping the token as they receive it.

Well, if those tokens would worth something, they wouldn't be dumped for a cheap price... I don't blame people for doing that... When there are no results for a long time, people have no patience for promises on paper...

Absolutely true

Nice... I didn't know liquid hive power was on the table. I might try some too.

You should indeed 😊👍

Awesome! Lots of valuable information that I would love to look into. I will bookmark this post for future reference.

Thank you for sharing this info and your results!

You’re welcome, I really like this sort of stuff. So I like writing about it. I’m happy that people like reading it too.

thank you for sharing with us.
Based on your previous post done by you, i did purchase 15 mpath and 15 dhedge tokens.
I am also looking at other options mentioned by you.

Cool, I’m curious what your experience will be. I just really like to see all those small amounts come in daily or weekly. Together over time it does really add up.

@ctpsb, perhaps not the best income generator. But I like it a lot, since it is a community account for the CTP swarm that has the goal to help all members grow into Hive dolphins and beyond.

Delegation to ctpsb are not supposed to generate income, You need to buy ctpsb token to see them grow each day.

Which is exactly what I did with my main account @elbrava

I already have all of those tokens xD
I could ofcouse always buy more :p
But yes, the bro token is expensive xD

Haha, yes more is always possible.

Did you get your bro tokens when they were still 2 hive?

Yes I think I did get them at 2 :D
I can check when I come home :D

Then that is nice profit already, regardless of the dividends.

I couldn't see what I paid for them? Do you know if its possible to check?

I think the only way is with the block explorer. But I don’t know how that works really. The transaction is stored on one of the blocks. But I don’t know how to find it.

Seems complicated xD
But fair :D

ROI will be up again this week for DHEDGE!

Awesome, I’ll look forward to that.

Thanks for the shoutout!

It's been a little slow in the community at the moment, and some people have become a bit impatient - but we HAVE been working on new projects.

For example, we just launched a digital marketing agency that's is comprised COMPLETELY of @HiveHustlers community members - we are currently building this out as large and as fast as we can, so that we can offer opportunities for members to earn some great $$ by helping us deliver real services and solutions to clients wishing to grow their business(es).

Cool, that sounds awesome