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Hello to all the readers.

It has been a steady week.

To improve my focus and visibility, i have broken my yearly goals into shorter period goals.

I will track my progress against my short term goals. Also keeping in mind the bigger picture.

My short term goals till march 2021

TokenGoallast WeekToday% Achieved
Hive Power1000569.419588.48758.84%
CTP Power29000230012350181.00%
Leo Power20021.35328.20814.10%
Sports Power200000113933.46116804.0058.40%
Actifit Token43003061.113112.41872.38%

To achieve my short term goals,
i need per day - 6.53 hive / 87.28 CTP / 2.73 Leo

My yearly goals - 2021

TokenGoallast WeekToday% Achieved
Hive Power5000569.419588.48711.77%
CTP Power50000230012350147.02%
Leo Power100021.35328.2082.82%
Sports Power500000113933.46116804.0023.36%
Actifit Token100003061.113112.41831.12%
CTP Miners35014114140.28%
Hustler Dollar Miners40017521050.599%
CTPSB tokens10038.6938.6938.69%
HE tokens250606024%
DHedge Tokens200101.198101.22750.61%

My ultimate goal is to reach dolphin by end of this year.
Also, set up more passive income streams.


RisingStarGame - Reached level 22. (will do a seperate post with more details)
DCity - Only one hotel. Currently on hold.

Followers on Peakd:

Goal - 500 Followers
Current - 89 Followers & 119 Following [zero followers added this week]
*Short term goal - To reach 100+ followers

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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