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Today i want to talk about scale voting weight in curation trail.

When you join the curation trail you have an option to set your voting percentage as scale or fixed weight

when you set it as fixed, irrespective of what the curation owner has set, your weight will always be taken.
i.e if you set it to 50%, your vote will be 50%

when you set it to scaled, it is based on what the curation owner has set.
so if you set it to 50% and your curation owner sets it to 25%
then your upvote will be only 12.5%
( it means that my vote will be 50% of what the curation owner votes)

Now, that is all fine. Everyone is aware of it.

But the problem starts when the curation owner reduces the percentage, for example from 25% to 20%
since you are voting 50%, your vote will drop down from 12.5% to 10%

This is not good, as your upvote value has gone down or zero. That is waste of voting power.

So, i would urge the people following the curation trail to check whether the voting weight is appropriate and whether it is providing a good value to you and to the person you are voting.

Zero upvote is not good to you or the person you are upvoting.

I would also request the curation trail owners, to notify the followers when they change the voting percentages.

To get more details on how much you are curating, you can check the stats on Its very informative.
(replace hiveusername with actual hive username )

Thanks for reading
Please do share your views in the comments below.

farhad kias

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I usualy set it to scale and used 80 to 90% so I guess this will not be a problem for me.
I do verybless manual voting to its good to increase the percentage....

Wow, that was very easy to understand. Great explanation! Now I have to go and check my own voting weight in Hive vote.

Yes, please check it.
Thanks for the comment.

This was a good idea to address this since a lot of people are still new to the curation trails, especially with the details like this. Along with Zoltan's tutorial, this accompanies it well.

Even though it can be a set & forget option for someone, it's always good to double check things once in awhile to make sure everything is up to date. 😊

Thanks Farhad!

Exactly! I'm not sure if I have mentioned that in my Curation trail video, but if you have a lower amount of staked HP, I would suggest you go with a fixed percentage, with a limited mana cap...

You will upvote fewer posts, but your curation rewards will be more effective!

Thanks for pointing this out...

Yes, fixed percentage works for me.
Less votes, but the returns are good.

Good to hear that...

Scale upvoting is good when you have more HP, as more people get upvoted, and that is a positive thing, as some people check who upvoted them and follow...
and also, you make more people happy :)

Great post but dont undertend all numbers....Like effective power for example

@elizabetamt, thanks for comment.
I would suggest you view the posts on curation trail by zoltan.(@ph1102)

thanks i will

Great information in this blog post

Great post with useful and easy to understand information.

Good information for people learning about curation trails. This part can be hard to understand and you made it sound very simple.

thank you for the comment.

I just learnt today that from your vote there is penalty of roughly 1.25 Hive , so 10 votes of 50 HP (overall 487.5) will be less than 1 vote of 500 HP (overall 498.75)

Thank for clearing this up. I will surely check this out so I can really tell if following the curation trails are doing me any good.

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thank you.

There a 91 percent in the middle of the circle ⭕ is that what you mean. How to change it don't get

In the this are the settings for the Curation trail, you need to make sure they are proper

Well post

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