My CTP Goal Weekly Update....💪💪

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Hello all Friends..


I am chasing a target of 20k CTP coin and 1000 Hive by the end of June 2021.

CTP Goal

Last powerup with 69 tokens and now holding total 14451 staked CTP tokens. Total 614 token were stacked in last week.


Total 72% target completed. Still more 5549 CTP token are required to hit the target. 22 weeks are pending that means aprox 252 CTP tokens every week. I am stacking the more then 500 token every week, In this way will complete the CTP target in next 11 weeks.

The voting value is 3.07 at 86.9 % VP.


Wow 3 CTP token per upvote which means aprox 30/2=15 CTP token per day from curation.

Hive Goal

My goal is to own 1000 HP by the mid of the 2021.



The Hive growth still is not as expected. In last week the total author rewards are 3.01 Hive and Curation rewards are 0.8, total 3.09 Hive, which are very less to achieve the target.


At present account has own 287.3 HP (only 28% target completed), so still 712.7 more HP is required. To complete the target 32.39 Hive (22 weeks) are required every week (seams to be very tough).
My wife and me set my kids account as beneficiary for some posts from last week so that will help the account to grow.

I would like to highlight the curation tail and interesting projects helps me lot.

Curation Trail
@bradleyarrow setup a curation trail (upvote CTP tag post) and you can check he details and how to join the trail by clicking on this link

Come and join the rail.

CTPSB Project

The CTPSB account is powered by the community and owned by the community.

CTP Swarm Booster (CPSB) is a initiative by @achim03
The Idea behind is to create a account which will upvote the posts within the community and then curation rewards earn by the account will be used to grow the account.
More Hive Power = increase value of the token
To know the concept of the project click here

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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Nice progress :-)