$1000 in Hive Rewards - $0 on Centralized Social Media

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I received an automated comment yesterday from @hivebuzz, letting me know I reached a milestone. Not all milestones are as interesting as this one, I'd say:

3,000 HP in Hive rewards


As it happens, 3000 HP - if we think of it in its liquid form Hive - is currently valued at approximately 1000 US dollars. How is that for coincidences and exact numbers?

That's exactly one thousand bucks more than I received on any centralized social media platform I have or had an account on.

Not to mention Hive price is on the way up, so 3000 HP will have a higher dollar value in the future.

That only counts the Hive rewards (apparently both author and curation rewards), but not the tribe rewards (author or curation), not the Hive interest, lending or gaming ROIs.

At some point in the past I tracked these stats regularly, we can see some of them like author and curation rewards for Hive and tribes on HiveStats.

Since I'm writing this post, I was curious to see the value of my tribe rewards, compared to those on Hive.

Here they are:

Almost DOUBLE!

And tribes have a shorter history than Hive or than my own history on this beautiful blockchain.

That's the equivalent of 5659 Hive rewards from tribes (actually on Hive-Engine. because not every token is a tribe), compared to 3000 HP. Or 1800 US dollars compared to 1000 USD.

I know there are authors on our chain with much more impressive numbers, as there are others with less figures in their totals, but in the end we all earn much more than on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined in direct rewards, because there you earn a big fat ZERO!

And the nice thing is you can earn these rewards all the time, no matter if the market is controlled by the bears or the bulls. No TA involved, no complicated defi lingo, just active posting and commenting, and its appreciation by the community.

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Congratulations on hitting the milestone, always great knowing you write for good reason, comment and enjoy other members content, yes Hive is a great place to be @gadrian

Thank you Joan! It's great to take part in something revolutionary, rewards aside.

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Yes, on the regular social media platforms, THEY earn all of the money by selling your info to their advertisers enabling them to target you. Here, you're in control and you get paid for your own info, knowledge, and content.

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One of the greatest lessons I learned online: if a service is offered to you for free and unlimited, and it's not a scam, YOU are their product.

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Ha! I just said almost exactly that in a post I just made about a half hour ago. Great minds think alike, right. :-) I referenced your post in mine but I didn't link it. I'm not sure how that works. Do I need your permission before I use your name? Just started a week ago so still learning the ropes.

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It's pretty easy to insert a link. If you don't remember the language for it, you have a button on every major interface for both comments and posts. Looks like a chain link. You just enter the text and URL there and it will be inserted in the post/comment.

You don't need permission to quote someone, but usually a link to his/her post is useful if you talk about one of his/her posts. For comments either a link or an screenshot if you want to be very documented.

You can tag someone like this @username to make him/her aware you are talking about him/her.

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Ok. Thank you. Would you like me to go back into my post and edit in your link or username? Like I said, I didn't quote you or anything but your post gave me the idea for mine so it's relevant....

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No, that's ok. Enjoy the first week on Hive! Ideas float around anyway.

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