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RE: How to make Money Blogging on HIVE

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Thanks heaps for taking some time out of your weekend to write up this post for the Hive guide.

It's exactly what I was looking for and very much appreciated :)

Making money blogging on Hive:
I fully agree that if you're a budding writer looking to take your blogging to the next level, then Hive is the perfect place to do it.

You have a ready-made community that will read your content and the rewards pool model allows you to start making money pretty much immediately.

No waiting for traffic to build on a traditional blog, or for third-party ad networks to pay you at certain earnings levels.

Everything you earn goes directly into your Hive wallet which you own the keys to.

You're free to spend and use the money earned as you please.

Hive SEO:
The one drawback that needs to be mentioned however, is the relatively low SEO value of Hive based domains such as or

As they're so young, Google doesn't yet prioritise content written from them like it would an older, more authoritative domain.

Keep in mind that while a long-form blog may rank better on Google than the same content written on, remember that you don't truly own that account and are earning money for Medium Corp.

With time and a continued build up of quality content on Hive front-end domains, their SEO value will improve.

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