What is your Favorite Cryptocurrency?

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I have read and seen so many posts in my super awesome life, yet i wanna see more and more! Maybe i am a masochist, who knows! I like to learn about new things, so i wondered what are the favorite cryptos you hold?

To be honest i don't wanna hear about Leo,Hive,Steem or blurt i want something else! I am sure most of you already hold other coins or even have some in mind!

We are a community that shares everything so i wanted to learn and help others discover awesome coins that exist out there. Especially, in LeoFinance that we talk all day long about financial stuff!

Sharing about your favorite crypto may lead to informing others, heck even can lead people to buy it and then enjoy some profits altogether after an increase in price!!

My Favorite Crypto

My favorite crypto is Litecoin (LTC)! There are a bunch of reasons behind it, some are quite logical and others not so but allow me to explain!

To begin with, i bought my first LTC with my Steemit earnings for around 30-50$ 2 years ago (that's why i don't remember the actual price)

One of the reasons that led me to buy it, was that it was way cheaper than Bitcoin and the fees were way smaller than it! Also, it is an old coin similar to the age of the BTC

That meant that it wasn't a scam and that many people actually hold it! So it gave me an atmosphere of stability! Also, many people describe it as the silver of altcoins, with BTC always be the Gold.

That once again meant that many people will hold and buy LTC as with the silver and that it will be with us for a long time! In total, i managed to have 5 and sold 3 of them when the price got to 300$+ so enjoyed some profits along the way!

The other 2 will remain in my pocket till the price goes over 300$ again! I am holding these as a mini backup plan that will cover at least one month worth of food!

The Contest Without Prize

So i have a proposition for you all or an interesting contest if you wish. Check the "rules" below!

Just tell me what your favorite crypto is apart from Leo,Hive,Steem,Blurt! Also please let us know why it is your favorite, a few words about it and what do you think of its future!

use as hashtag #favoritecrypto and share with everyone your favorite one! Don't expect any prize though as i am poor :P I will definitely check all your posts though and give a small upvote!

Who knows maybe some bigger players will take part in and give you some love with their upvotes!*

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Mhnnnn....perhaps Ethereum. The entire Russia is behind that project

ah didn't know about russia and eth

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I watched it in a documentary very recently on YouTube, I'm not sure I saved it but I will check.., they're not joking with Vitalik, he's Putin's golden boy

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ahh if he got Putin's back then that's a 100% success guarantee!

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We wait and see.

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BAT. I like the attention model that they have and their economy. It's a love hate relationship though because price wise is performing quite poor.

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and i think the price will not change that much! but the coin as a coin will exist!

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Clearly my favorite is HNC.
The reason is that it is one of the few coins that aims to be useful in our daily lives.
HNC's goal is entering real economy and become an alternative mean of payment using HNC for buying goods and services mainly in tourism services.
Next month there will be announcements that will surprise.

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awesome! cryptos will that can actually be used in real life are top on the list

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My favorite is the one that will pay me the most. Ask me again in 6 months... :)

No emotional attachments anymore to be honest. I have taken most of my positions and wait for the right time to take profit.

I also use LTC for moving around funds. I found it to be cheaper. The only coin that most probably will hodl is BTC because I believe it is the store of value of the next decades.

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