Twitter may buy Clubhouse for $4 billion

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Apparently, Twitter the last few months had talks with Clubhouse in order to acquire it. ClubHouse for all of you that don't know what it is, it's an audio-based social network. In order to get in existing members have to invite you otherwise you can't join.

For now, Clubhouse is only available to iPhone users. So if you get an invite you can join a room and listen to what some people including influencers like Elon for example have to say.

The max limit of people that can join a room is 5000. The app doesn't record those audio "files" but the users are basically free to do whatever they want. Even when Elon joined, some users live-streamed this on youtube and by doing that they could basically record it.

Another thing that you may wonder is how exactly it works if more than one people are in a room. There is an admin that is responsible for giving the rights to speak. Then if you want to talk and you don't have the right to do so, you can raise your e-hand and the admin can then give you the right to speak.

Given the fact that many celebrities have joined as well as Elon shilled it, it had attracted more and more people as well as investors. So in an attempt for Twitter to control more social networks and earn some bucks along the way they are interested in buying it.

Now i don't know if they manage to buy it what will happen next. You know people when talking they can say numerous things, including swearing, racists stuff and anything else you can imagine. I bet there will be some kind of report but i don't know the exact details to be honest.

On the other hand, i am afraid that if Twitter buys this company they will take this a step further and not in a good way. I speculate that when people create rooms that share different opinions than what Twitter is all about, they will get banned or censored somehow.

Ιn a way whatever social network Twitter buyσ then they will enforce their own mindset and censorship perspective or at least that's what i speculate!

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I think it's a silly media, it's basically useless so if Twitter should buy it then they'd be jerking off themselves if there's at some point a thought of it getting a lot of engagement...

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i can't agree more!

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