Tell me about your new favorite Crypto or Hive Token

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This is another post that the sole purpose behind its creation is to feed my curiosity. I am really curious to know what's your new favorite crypto or Hive token or maybe both is/are.

You can analyze it a little bit and tell me why you like that crypto/token so much and what do you think about its potentials. Also, you never know what gems you will discover reading this post and of course, the comment section. Let's see if maybe we find the next ava or thorchain!

So as far as it concerns me there are "new" tokens that are under my radar. Both of those are here, on Hive ecosystem and the first one is called POB (Proof of brain). Now i don't know anything about this token, @trumpman shilled it so i just use the tag and earn. Below you can find out more.



Currently, as you can see above i have around 165 POB tokens which i didn't even realize how i earned them. For now, i will keep on stacking and you never know.

Cine Token

This is the token i consider a gem and will tell you why i think so right away. To begin with, behind this token is @raymondspeaks the same guy behind the successful project that's called BRO! There are other important figures as well, witnesses included but i don't want to abuse this post with tag, you can easily find out who are they!


Above you can see some tokenomics but let's now dive in more as to why i consider this token a gem. So this token is based and "supports" a community that is related to movies, series and anything similar. You see even though this is a community around cinematography, it's a subject that literally, everyone can write something.

There is no way you haven't watched a movie, series, or anime in your life and because you have you can easily create a post about your experience. Thus, this is a community that literally anyone can join and can bring millions of people over.

Aside from that, the guys don't want to just create another tribe. They have plans and in those plans, they intend to change their front-end, something that Leofinance has done as well and we all know about its success.

Creating a new front page is a must for a community that wants to go one step further and attract more people so i believe the guys are on the right path. The possibilities and potentials of that tribe are limitless. Heck at some point we can even create our own productions!


Currently, i have close to 570 CINE tokens but my goal is to increase this amount to at least 1000 before the end of the month, as it will be my final month before joining the army, so after that, i don't know what will happen regarding my time!

So Tell me about your new favorite Crypto or Hive Token

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how did i miss that one :P

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DRAGONBALLZ!!!! Lmfao!! #CuB

I think the same as you. Mine are probably pob and CineTv for now !
That's the ones I'm using the most, probably with Vibes.

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pob came out of nowhere :P

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Yes, but compared to a lot of tribes, it has great design and really looks modern !


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awesome!!! i have all of them!

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