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RE: BTC ATH's are cool...but HIVE being ~140% up in 1 month is cooler

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i am so excited, one of the most undervalue cryptos if you ask me. More people should be aware and great marketing is needed in order to accomplish this.

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There is a proposal being made regarding marketing. Hopefully it ill get the necessary votes to get funded. Seems pretty promising...

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one sure thing the child rapists of the silicon valley, cia, fbi, dod, congress and co hate anything they can't rape... the fight is gonna be hard.

Shots fired !

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we will win... I love to see all the low iq brainwashed muppet using gab or parlors... they are so dumb, they can't get they could monetize their posts here... so low iq :).

for me the best way to make hive great is to have a ramp hive/btc.