Centralized Greek Banks Against Cryptos

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Today i am really sad about my country. It isn't something i wasn't expecting to be honest but it was something i wasn't expecting so soon to have happened. The national bank of Greece announced that they will no longer accept crypto-related payments but i will explain more shortly.

Before doing so we need to learn a few things about the National bank of Greece. The bank was established in 1841 and it is now 180 years since its establishment. Up until 1928, the bank had the privilege to issue the currency. Now the bank has acquired the Finansbank in Turkey and Vojvodjanska Banka in Serbia.

I hold an account on that bank, in fact, it's the only bank that i have an account with, so it was a bit shocking for me when i heard the news. So the news came to me from a post by another Greek fellow, @skapaneas a couple of hours ago. HERE you can find his post.

So as soon as i heard the news i logged in to my bank account and saw the following pop up.


So this basically says that from now on any transactions that are relevant with purchases and sales of crypto may have as a result the return of the funds back to the assignor.

Now imagine my surprise reading this and learning about that move out of nowhere. Also, due to the fact that i will be joining the army in less than a month, i am not actually working. Thus, i don't think i can open another bank account to another bank ofc.

It's not that everything is lost though as i just did what i had to do and ordered the new Binance card.


So now i will be waiting for the Binance card and i will also try to check for ways to open other bank accounts. Ahh i also have to learn more about that Binance card so if you know anything or have any tips to share let me know!

For example, can use it anywhere like any other VISA card?

Centralized Banks VS the World


I really don't know why they are doing this and it's not only the national bank of Greece but HSBC as well. At the same time, we have other banks that are open to cryptos, which are centralized as well, but they care only for profits and know that cryptos = a lot of profits.

Banks like Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and BNY Melon will provide crypto services. Also, it was a really stupid move for me especially now. We got so many famous people that used to be against crypto, now consider it a legit thing and not only that, they are buying in bulk as well.

We got big funds buying crypto and heck we even have large corporations accepting cryptos. Freaking Elon Musk accepts cryptos and you can even pay for your vacation with altcoins. In other words, to have a bank following a move like that out of a sudden will only lead them to lose money and customers!

What do you think?

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H εθνιλη ειναι γνωστοι μ@λ@κ3ς...

Eurobank παντως χθες πηρα κατι ψιλα.

Pithanos entoli apo HSBC.
Ektos an pisteyeis se symptwseis ;)

Sounds like they are quite scared of the potential crypto has to disrupt the traditional financial system. My girlfriend uses the bank of Piraeus, wonder if they did the same thing.

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Sorry to hear this news. that sucks. Is there not another bank you can open an account with? also you don't normally need a job to open a bank account.. is that a thing in greece?

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all the other banks are ok for now! Also, yeah nowadays you need to work to open one but because i will join the mandatory army in around a month, i currently don't have a job and when i had, i opened a bank account to the bank that has now those regulations :P

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after some research it seems like Ethniki is getting directions for internal policy by HSBC bank, since I don't believe in coincidences but still I am to lazy to seach for the connection probably HSBC owns over 50% of Ethnikis bank shares. It is to much of coincidence to make the same announcement the same day.

But any who I can't imagine how a bank can affect crypto in general. We are build to survive when they collapse and that is a good thing.

ahh so this is how everything connects! make sense!

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egw pantws gelaw me ta arxilamogia pou to kwlaraki tous exei sfiksei.....
vgale mia karta binance kai mh logariazeis tipota