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RE: And Just Like That 1500LP

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"Return on community" I like that. Good to see you stacking that LEO. Since I had to start over, I'm almost at 1/10 of your 1500 and staking as the tokens come in. Seeing where the price is right now, I can't help but feel the best is yet to come!

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Yeah "ROC" (return on community) is something I've been into. Why did you start over? I did too. I was airdropped a couple of thousand leo I think (from palnet stake) but sold it during the Steem/Hive war. I regret that lol

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Ran into some financial problems late last year just as I was gaining traction on Leofinance. Had to sell most of my stake on Leo and Hive, including the LEO tokens and miners I picked up cheap last Spring. Had almost 800 LP, when I had to sell.

Things are much better now, in rebuilding mode. :)

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