Women in Crypto - Breaking the myths about rich women

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Let me start by saying myth means false or something untrue but believed by a group of people, organization, or nation.

We all know that right from inception, it is the belief of our people that a woman's role is in the kitchen so no matter the form of education she gets, they all end locked under her box.

The traditional Nigerian culture believes that a woman should just have her role in the kitchen, she should just look up to a man to provide for her necessary needs and funny enough, if a woman is rich but isn't married, the society sees her as an unresponsible lady.

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Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that a woman shouldn't take care of her family in fact the primary role of a woman is the welfare of her household then, all other roles come in but when she is asked to stay indoors and be int he kitchen I think this should be corrected.

A little experience about my family has taught me that depending on one source of income (the man) is very wrong and that has a woman, it isn't wrong to cater for your family needs as well.

I have said it before that in our typical Nigerian culture, a woman is trained by her family to be a housewife, so it was for my parent. My mom was a housewife and did nothing but take care of her family.

She had no source of income of her own and because of that could not contribute to the family financially. It wasn't seen as a problem anyway since my dad was buoyant enough to saddle the responsibility but after the death of my father, things began to fall apart.

It wasn't easy for her to carry the responsibility my dad was carrying financially as she never knew what it was like. It was difficult to even provide finances for my dad's burial so we had so many issues with his family. Since the man who always provided for me and my siblings was no more, I had no option but to brave up at my young age to be the breadwinner of the family.

My attempts with a regular job (especially with my educational status) as we know the economy of Nigeria is bad couldn't pay bills despite taking my time and energy. I worked as an elephant but ate as an ant.

I decided to venture into crypto although the first step wasn't easy, it was tough as hell as we all have had our share of experiences been a newbie but in no time, things started changing for the best. I no longer depended only on my monthly income which wasn't even enough for myself and my family for two weeks.

The good thing was that I started having time for myself and my social life while making money through my thoughts and penning them into quality contents which get upvoted and after seven days, I get my rewards.

I started by earning STEEM, then HIVE, BLURT, LEO, SPORTS, CTP, LIST, and many other tokens which when put together have been able to pay my rents, bills, and other financial demands.

Although it wasn't an easy one, but today I can say it boldly that I am what I am today because of crypto. I've stood out to succeed as a woman financially and this was made possible through crypto.

Many husbands don't like the idea of their women working to support the family but if they take time to encourage them while staying at home as a housewife to invest their time into blockchain by writing content and getting paid in crypto then the world will be a better place for the women.

I'll certainly become rich, build companies, and employ people, house, buy a car and support my future husband because I believe that one day, HIVE and other tokens would grow in value and it will be easier for women to stay home as housewives and earn a living to support their family.

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Inspiring your story.
In many countries there is that woman is only a housewife.

It's strong when you lose your father, I lost mine two years ago.
I have a 3-year-old daughter who depends on me, I live with my mother. Just like you, I have faith in tokens. But now that I'm in Leofinance.

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Yeah, there is but nowadays, many women are rising up to embrace blockchain because of the economy.
So sorry dear but we've got to be strong and keep moving.
Thank God for tribes like Leofinance, we are going to make it with our engagements.

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That is very true. I worked in a public entity for 15 years I retired because my salary did not give me to earn anything. Since arriving in that world, it is transforming my life for the better. I've only been a few days

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I hope your dream isn't just to stay home and earn as a housewife. I am not saying it's a bad idea but when you have that mindset, then it's no different from being in the kitchen as they said that women's place is in the kitchen, You don't have to stay at home to work and earn just in crypto. Crypto is just an added advantage, every woman has the right to go out there and venture into different kinds of business, explore and make profits even while still being in the world of crypto.
I am glad to read how cryptocurrency helped foot your bills being the breadwinner of your family.

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