Rabona - Kicking Some Ball In Second League


Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

Season 10

My first season as I told you in Rabona - Setting Line-Up For First Match almost two weeks ago. I did some rookie mistakes and learned along the way. During the matches, I realized that you better don't expect any logic with results. Not all outcomes were reasonable. This is my opinion, of course.

Since I was away and off-line during the weekend I missed the end of the season. Imagine my surprise to find out my team, the mighty Snow Lions won the league. OK, apart from two teams all other were robots. Yet, it was something to be happy about.

I played most matches, if not all, in a 4-2-3-1 formation. It's the best against
standard setup of 4-3-3 which robots play all the time.

Season 10, League 3 / ID 658 - final standings

Season 11

I came home after the first half of the season was already a done deed. My team was on autopilot with no new players in it.

Results were decent since the team was placed slightly below the middle line.

Now, seven matches before the end of the season, Snow Lions are placed eighth.

Season 11, League 2 / 631 - standings after 23 rounds

Ilustrous company

I am honored to be in the same league with two veteran players and football experts, @fullcoverbetting and @costanza. Hello, guys :)

Their teams, KRC Genk and FC Costanza are in front of my team, as it is only proper.

Our matches so far:

FC Costanza - KRC Genk     2 : 2
Snow Lions  - KRC Genk     0 : 2
Snow Lions  - FC Costanza  0 : 4
FC Costanza - Snow Lions   2 : 2

Remaining matches:

KRC Genk - Snow Lions
KRC Genk - FC Costanza

@fullcoverbetting will be the winner of this trio.

My experience so far in League 2

The season will end on Sunday at 3:15 PM. As things are now the team will stay in the league. I learned the hard way that 15 players are not enough when red cards and injuries start pouring on your players. I needed to sign two players to be able to play at all.

OK, I could have paid for the card or injury to end sooner yet I decided to rather invest in additional players.

Financially, the season will end in a slight profit. Probably.

I'll be away again and won't be able to follow the last rounds and set the line-ups to 4-2-31 as I am used to. Too bad.

I hope that the game will someday be playable on phones.

Good luck, fellow @rabona players.

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Must read introductions and instructions for the beginners, masterfully prepared by @jelly13:

  1. Your First Hour in Rabona
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