Who Is Next?

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I'm actually writing this on Leo Finance to signal a resurgance in the buidls and hodls of Hive - namely, the communities and support projects. I've accumulated several tokens that pay dividends and tried not to dump all of my LEO as it shot up so I can curate a little. I also have decent little stakes in a few things that I think are going to come forward and start playing harder. Well, at least, I hope they do.

I'm not a 'major player' (or am I?), but I do pay attention sometimes. LEO itself, has set a bar for others to reach and I really think, before the year is out, people across the cryptosphere and well outside of it, will have gotten wind of Hive. Here's some things to keep your eye on if you're not too distracted by Bitcoin and Ethereum's publicity and like me - are all about Hive.

List of 'Dividend' Token Watches

  1. BRO - Brocoin has really come into its own as @raymondspeaks has done something no one else really thought of doing. I love it. A share of everything they get? Isn't that a rev-share? Something like that, but I'm pleased with my investment with them thus far.
  2. UTOPIS - Utopis is brand new from a fellow named @chronocrypto who I met via the @canna-curate and @weedcash.network a while back. He is modeling his token after the Brocoin project only consolidating it all to HIVE. The fact that he knows crypto and is willing to 'DoorDash' and compound his earnings, says he believes in something - I can seriously get behind that.
  3. INDEX - Hive Engine Index is from the people @clicktrackprofit led by @jongolson. In similar fashion to BRO, they share their earnings with their investors. I know Jon has drive and massive untapped potential, so I am comfortable holding onto some of this one.
  4. ARCHON - I'm not even really sure how this popped up on my radar, I think it was because I saw it in a tag from someone I had voted on and decided to use it myself. I got a meager amount, but noticed other coins starting to appear in my H-E wallet. It was this former incubator and project helper (@upfundme) sharing their earnings.
  5. DCity Cards - Some of the cards in this game are actually being used as 'miners' for popular tokens like BEER and WEED! Can't even function without those two, can you? I can only imagine that as this game grows, more will appear and it will suffice as a rev-share that nobody is really paying attention to - except us gamers? LOL!

Communities To Watch

  1. @threespeak - I know @theycallmedan is a solid investor and listened to his vision for 3speak at Hive Fest. I feel sorry for all the dumpers that won't get anything from their pending airdrops. A full on governance is coming from this crew - pay attention.
  2. @palnet - @aggroed is no idiot, and I imagine as the overhaul of the PAL frontend and new utilities the token itself will provide (like paying for ad space on MSP Waves) start taking shape, it will make me hodl PAL all the more.
  3. @neoxiancity - I feel @neoxian is brewing something and not saying shit to anyone. It would only make sense. This guy is not the type to let things fall to the fray and was one of the first entrepreneurs on Hive with his lending system. Just something in my gut says you might be wise to hang on to those NEOXAG - or start buying them up while they're cheap.
  4. @weedcash - Being one of the very first of all the communities that were ever created on Hive-Engine, and, reactivating their @weedcash.network witness, only tells me that they have plans to start making bigger moves and resurface as one of the premier tokens and communities in and on Hive. In fact, they just dropped a new WEED website that encompasses all they are and will be doing.
  5. @clicktrackprofit - This community has been stable for quite awhile and takes care of its members. I feel as more people see what they're doing, like the live shows on Twitter shilling Hive every week and dropping some diamonds in marketing knowledge, they will start taking off more. Especially once a more varied utility surfaces for the token. (wink wink)

So The Question Is:

Who is next? What community or token will emerge that shakes everything up? Maybe a wrapped FOODIE goes beast mode or investor comes along to skyrocket @solairitas? Maybe some PIMP will show up and show out. Who knows? I do know that you have got to REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, regardless how many people I gotta slap.

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I am sorely uninformed about most of these tokens. Having hodled all of them from the beginning, I probably my have a good stake of them. I stopped paying attention to them to focus squarely on hive one time where I was getting uninformative error messages due to keychain on hive engine. I really should look into it and start managing those again.

That is the beauty of many of them. You get them and even ignoring them can lead to incredible passive inflation of value if others are actively developing them. As it was in the beginning, it was all spam and pennies to me and I already have too much to manage.

I do like the weedcash project as I think it is funny and am a longtime friend of the puffing powerhouse @davedickeyyall. I like Beer token with @detlev as it is the digital equivalent of buying a friend a beer. Intoxicants both and maybe I am showing a pattern.

Pal coin was such a boon and fizzled in my eyes so I stopped paying attention. Remember Marlians? So many have come and gone it might be worth it for me to check and see what is alive.

You are definitely a powerhouse in my books and I am really looking forward to seeing the conversation in comments here.

Honestly, I stopped paying attention for a good 9 months myself as everything was migrating to greener redder more red pastures. It wasn't until Christmas last year that I opened the engine and started oiling the machine. I met Dave and he is just like he is in his videos and I respect real people. He's funny as shit too!

You just might have a little gold mine in there ya know? Especially if you're affiliated with the #weedcash crew. They autostake part of your curation just like HIVE, as do some of those other tokens on the market.

Marlians was one of them I wished had taken better root. @surpassinggoogle may even see this and get his drawing board back out. I still see a few from time to time and the occasional ULOG. Maybe he should pick that back up? I also know he's had family issues though that have taken precedence over any crypto pursuits.

Thanks for the kind words too hey, and @detlev, I wouldn't be surprised if he has something in the works too. I know his time is more limited than some people, but he is also very adept at making things awesome.

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Count on me for the fun around !BEER and fell free to call me if you have any idea where you might add the BEER token.

We have some ideas like the simple mini community game #BeerFriends wich works already with keychain at https://friends.beersaturday.com/ where we put 24 BEER token into a box to find the BEER king - who get 20 BEER and a shoutout. All this is still in beta but works and pays.


Since you have the gaming already in play, maybe some other games could be added? A virtual beer pong? Other drinking games? We used to play different card games like 'bullshit' and 'president and asshole'. We even made drinking games out of 'Spades', 'Hearts' and various poker games. Make it so people can build their character and tolerances to alcohol? So when they do the drinking games, they can last longer? Just spit balling, but that would be seriously fun man.

We work on a virtual #BeerPong since a while. We build it on a 3D engine but this eats time and we need some more dev hands on this.

If there is anyone who like unity and the blockchain, please ping me on discord....

Hey @enginewitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I took some time to figure out my Hive Engine and keychain stuff. For the record, I think it was because of my hesitation to pump hive keys into google chrome extension. Enough time has passed so that everyone else has tested it for me.
One thing that bugs me about hive engine (or I am too obtuse to figure out) is that the value of your wallet tokens doesn't include staked tokens. Not sure why that is or what the value of my staked tokens are unless I use something besides hive-engine?

I have staked the highest value ones. Where do you check on the value of your stake?

I only know of one place (personally) where it shows full value - go here my man - https://leodex.io/wallet

Haha holyshit!

Estimated value: $562.98 USD
Estimated value: 1708.666 HIVE
Estimated value: 697.416 LEO

You da man!

Great synopsis of what's out there at the moment. Even though you listed 10, that's still scratching the surface! I have BRO,archon and utopis but always nice to get hands on some more div paying tokens! INDEX is next!

Have a look at thelogicaldude and hive hustlers, more divs on offer there. Plenty of projects to delegate to for tokens as well. Fun times!

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Notice the tags ;) I am an old school Hive Hustler and been on that for a minute. I am still waiting to see exactly what happens with them. I know @thelogicaldude is on point so should be interesting. They didn't make the list because they don't pay any kind of dividend and their community has been real stagnant. With their recent revamp though and delving into the #hivecommerce arena, I am excited to see how it plays out. I have been getting COM for a few weeks now.

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Ah yeah, didn't notice the tags lol. Yeah he announced a roadmap recently and what's in the pipeline so worth getting some hustlerm for a punt! I have some hustler, com, hustlerm and list that seem to be bringing in the COM! Not sure what it all means but might as well get collecting!

When phase 2 of COM mining starts up, it will be a dividend paying token! Will be paying out in SIM CTP WEED and in the future, BEE and LEO, but I am watching what they are doing with their new second layer system. I am actually looking to throw a small LIST payout in the mix of it as well, considering it is a commerce token as well...And just because I can, lol.

Thanks for the info! I have watched your latest roadmap and update video. The site is looking pretty sweet man! I have delegated a little to hivehustler account and just going to keep staking all those tokens and miners then. Look forward to seeing what happens later in the year!

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Your rank is 13 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

I am running a Hive giveaway contest too , to win it - you have to be in Top 20 in CTP + LEO + SPORTS + Top 5 in STEM
Today's winner of 1 HIVE is - jfang003 and amr008

Killer. That's when people will drive it up. Glad I've got a sweet chunk already!

It’s been fun watching the market form without any hand in it

I've got hustler, some miners and COM but no List. Feel ya on the collecting, looks sweet watching things add up 😝

Also we now have a scotbot running, so you are earning HUSTLER for using the HiveHustlers, hustler, or Hivecommerce tags!

So many dividend options thanks for that, they look interesting some of them i haven't heard of!

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Anytime, I'm actually over here on LEO adjusting some settings as I'm not here much. They have a cool prompt for posting to Twitter!

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I hope the kind neoxian have hit it big like BRO did. @clicktrackprofit is an exciting project too. BRO took everyone by surprise and just like a lot of people dumped Leo I hope they'll learn and hold the @3speak governance token.

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Time will tell my man. I think my BRO value has almost doubled the past few weeks!

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Exactly, time will tell. the second layer tokens are kicking off real big

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H-E second layer is almost making it pointless to create any kind of SMT integration for Hive LOL

I love Weedcash, and as long as the blockchain exists, you will see me rock it. :) also currently I’m working on a new cannabis strain that will be a weedcash exclusive.

Should be kickass then!

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Who's next probably 3Speak? Dan and his screw have surely got big plans! It is going to get exciting on here with LeoFinance raising the bar!

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Ya, no doubt they'll make it sharp as a tack man.

The very first time I heard about bro coin was when a particular community organized a contest and one of the contest rules was that the participants must be a hodler of BROCOIN
I was like which one is bro coin :)
And neoxian seems really promising and I really wish to have more before the season for its mooning.

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There were a couple different brocoins a while back so I feel ya there! As for neoxian, yes, that one is the one to watch.

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Will definitely keep the watch.
I guess I even need a Google 😎 :)

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It is always important to listen to advice from those who have been on this journey for a long time. The financial area is not my forte, however, I always like to read accurate texts like this one you present us today and it is very useful. Hive is reaching many people and I think, like you, that it will be known for its goodness all over the world.
Thanks for sharing and always being there when we need you, you are great!
And what I love the most is that you are always YOU! You always have to be yourself, just as you are. A giant hug. Thanks for the mention, dear Witty. @enginewitty A big hug!

Anytime sweets! I hope some of this helps you and I am confident that Hive will spread everywhere! We have wonderful people like you that are helping to shed light on it and get people excited and interested! A bug hug back!

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Awwww, what beautiful words. You really inspire me to continue on the same path. You have to support, help, learn and above all, be yourself, teaching others to be authentic above all things. As I have always said: Hive's greatest strength is its people, the commitment of so many for the common good. Thank you, thank you again, dear Witty. Another hug and my appreciation. @enginewitty

I'm sure I'm not the only one that appreciates you too Mary 🤗

HA! I totally said 'bug hugs' instead 'big hugs' 🐞🕷🐜

I m so stupid, when I first saw all the tokens in my engine, I thought the price on the right was by unit, instead of the total value. I thought I was rich haha 😃

For now I am keeping them all. I sent you a question on Discord today about a music token and its utility, we can also continue the conversation here as it concerns us all ^^

Thanks for the pimping brother!

There isn't one, but I can definitely see the value in one being present. One Tribe is starting to help music make a comeback and the only thing right now that musicians really have is creativecoin. I believe MSP has a music curation trail that supports the music makers run by @isaria (I think).

Yep i love what @isaria does, creativecoin indeed thanks for the clarification ^^

Anytime bro.

How does Splinterlands get left off of this list? It is the #1 game in all of crypto!

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And I play it religiously! The reasons it did not make the list is holding cards gives you no actual dividends, neither does holding DEC or splintertalk tokens. As for gaming itself, it's the top of my list. Now, when the totems and land come into better view? This list will probably change 😉

I'm gonna have to check up on these.

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A little here, a little there - adds up my man.

I wish i could get into my holdings and find out what’s added up. I’ve asked questions on their discord and they don’t answer me.

You and @underground are both having trouble getting into Hive-Engine, are able to use Keychain?. I'm no guru but when you have time and I'm not pressed like I will be this evening, I'd be more than happy to help.


Appreciate the shout out man, thank you for plugging everything we're doing at CTP :)

So much excitement on the blockchain these days...Every project leader and community out there deserves a huge tap on the back!!


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What’s happening with Leo is exciting and the believers are so hyped that it makes me want to be part of it too even though I have no cares for talking or writing finance
I did try and write one post just a couple of days back but realized, I will just stick with the delegation rewards...🙃

The one I am really waiting for is 3Speak
I am glad that made your list

I did an experiment a while back as someone was supposed to be curating content outside of financial chitter chatter. I made a borderline post that mentioned a few crypto related things but most of it was about something else, and unfortunately, got flagged by some leo account. Best to stick with the dele rewards :P

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Aiks!! So it is not all financial matters....
Got it :D

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Hi ClickTrackProfit Thank you

Nice rundown man, it's getting exciting again


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Yeeea buddy! All kinds of shiz in the pipeline!

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.