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Notice the tags ;) I am an old school Hive Hustler and been on that for a minute. I am still waiting to see exactly what happens with them. I know @thelogicaldude is on point so should be interesting. They didn't make the list because they don't pay any kind of dividend and their community has been real stagnant. With their recent revamp though and delving into the #hivecommerce arena, I am excited to see how it plays out. I have been getting COM for a few weeks now.

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Ah yeah, didn't notice the tags lol. Yeah he announced a roadmap recently and what's in the pipeline so worth getting some hustlerm for a punt! I have some hustler, com, hustlerm and list that seem to be bringing in the COM! Not sure what it all means but might as well get collecting!

When phase 2 of COM mining starts up, it will be a dividend paying token! Will be paying out in SIM CTP WEED and in the future, BEE and LEO, but I am watching what they are doing with their new second layer system. I am actually looking to throw a small LIST payout in the mix of it as well, considering it is a commerce token as well...And just because I can, lol.

Thanks for the info! I have watched your latest roadmap and update video. The site is looking pretty sweet man! I have delegated a little to hivehustler account and just going to keep staking all those tokens and miners then. Look forward to seeing what happens later in the year!

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Killer. That's when people will drive it up. Glad I've got a sweet chunk already!

It’s been fun watching the market form without any hand in it

I've got hustler, some miners and COM but no List. Feel ya on the collecting, looks sweet watching things add up 😝

Also we now have a scotbot running, so you are earning HUSTLER for using the HiveHustlers, hustler, or Hivecommerce tags!