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RE: The Crypto Great Filtering

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No telegraph system is going to beat the network effect of the postal service... no telephone system is going to beat the network effect of the telegram... no digital system is going to beat the network effect of the telecomm system... no blockchain system is going to beat the network effect of the TCP/IP system...

I think your arguments against altcoins, as alt-coins, are sound.

I think your argument for Bitcoin as a permanent player isn't.


Naturally, any line in the sand looks daft with time, time beats everything in 100 years with the change in mindset, generations and optimal use of capital from Bitcoin, Bitcoin will make itself irrelevant. Same way governments and personal banking was a huge liberation movement when it first launched.

I am not blind to that, but why would I care about speaking about time frames where I won't exist?

I think we might have a very different perspective on this - I don't view governments or banking has having been liberatory, and I don't think there's much point in planning on any less than a generational timespan. Why care about participating in what is when you can cultivate the environment for our future, y'know?

I think its all relative, I mean from serfs to governments, there are more freedoms for the individual, from only royalty having banking services, to the individual, has also unlocked loads of additional freedoms for people.

So if you compare those generations to future generations, they're far more free in one sense like being able to store value now, access to credit and then gave up freedoms in another sense like living on credit, it's weird lol I don't fully get it, I just sort of try to learn and watch how it unfolds.

I get it, but I'll leave those worries to better men and women, I can only speak for me and growing up in South Africa, I've eaten enough shit, so let me at least try to sort myself out before I look at anything else